Wellness Escapes in the Greek Islands

Experience 5-star luxury on a cliffside retreat with stunning sea views, a Spa, sauna & workout facility. Learn about Greek culture & history, and enjoy delicious farm-to-table cuisine.

Cradled within the generous lap of nature, Kaiafas is a unique synthesis of serene tranquility and rejuvenating energy. The lullaby of the emerald lake, the soothing whispers of the Strofylia pine forest and the crystal symphony of the sea create a perfect tableau for relaxation and renewal.


Cradled in the generous lap of nature, Halkidiki is a verdant utopia that whispers an alluring melody of wellness. Its leafy foliage of luscious forests, crystal symphony of azure waters, and soft chorus of pristine beaches weave an irresistible tale of serene relaxation and invigorating renewal – the fundamental tenets for any wellness retreat.

The enchantment of the region extends beyond the confines of a spa, infusing every aspect of your holiday with a nourishing sense of wellbeing. The enchanting scents of seawater, the melodious birdsong of the Greek mountains, and the vibrant colour palette of azure skies inspire an emotional wellness that goes beyond physical and mental well-being.

Located on the northern tip of Evia, Edipsos is renowned for its therapeutic springs that sooth many ailments and diseases. Even Aristotle praised the curative properties of these natural thermal baths, which have earned Edipsos an international reputation as one of Europe’s top wellness destinations.

A visit to Edipsos is the perfect way to unwind and rejuvenate during a ferry fitness getaway. Its soothing thermal springs, charming seaside landscape, calming ways of life, and enchanting gastronomic delights make it an unforgettable experience. The town’s numerous tavernas serve delicious dishes made from fresh, local ingredients that will entice any foodie. The area’s picturesque landscape is also ideal for nature lovers who can explore the secluded coves and sandy beaches.


The pristine beauty and tranquillity of this underappreciated volcanic peninsula make for an unforgettable wellness escape. This is the only place in Greece where you can swim in thermal waters, stroll on the beach cradled by the active volcano and experience a unique sense of peace, all while staying in small villages, away from overcrowded tourist resorts.

The area’s natural hot springs are renowned for their therapeutic properties and are considered among the best in Europe. It is believed that soaking in them can cure diseases like rheumatism, arthritis, skin problems and neurological disorders. They are also used for mud baths and massages. The locals have been utilizing the hot springs for their healing powers since ancient times. Moreover, the Kaiafas thermal springs are a protected Natura 2000 site, affirming their significance and preserving the rich ecosystem that it has nurtured for generations.

Methana can be accessed by ferry from Piraeus (2.1 hrs). The island is a perfect option for those looking for a wellness escape in the Greek islands away from all the hustle and bustle. Book your ferry tickets to Methana with Ferryscanner and get ready for an incredible adventure! Our package includes a daily program of bio breakfast and dinner (starters, main dish, salad, dessert) plus detox juices, snacks and fresh seasonal fruits. Our guests also have the possibility to attend our guided hikes, meditation sessions and yoga classes as well as workshops on different aspects of wellness.


If you’re a fitness fanatic with a love of travel it’s likely you’ve dreamt about visiting one of these island wellness escapes. These dreamy escapes check all the boxes for a fitness getaway that blends Cycladic luxury with clifftop exclusivity.

One of the best places to go on a luxury wellness retreat is Santorini, the famed volcanic island. Santorini is a destination renowned for its stunning sunsets, iconic villages, and cosmopolitan luxury.

Whether you’re an aspiring yoga teacher or a fitness enthusiast looking to kickstart your health, there are plenty of wellness retreats on offer in Santorini. Most of these fitness vacations will offer a full schedule of workouts and workshops on how to integrate inspired wellness practices into your daily life when you’re back home.

Most fitness and wellness vacations also feature a healthy menu that aims to fuel the body rather than weigh it down with greasy, unhealthy foods. Look for meals that include nutrient-rich vegetables, lean proteins and healthy fats like avocado and nuts. Many retreats now also cater to a variety of dietary restrictions including plant-based eaters and gluten-free diets. For those who want a more holistic experience many of these retreats will offer daily excursions around the island to hike along the caldera with 360 views or visit the ancient ruins and beaches.


Crete is Greece’s largest island and a hot spot for fitness and wellness retreats. With its picturesque beaches and vibrant turquoise waters it’s a summer dream for those who want to combine healthy eating and workouts with a touch of relaxation. It’s also a great place to learn more about Greek culture and history with plenty of opportunities to take day trips.

If you’re considering a Crete fitness retreat be sure to consider your goals and what type of holiday you want to have. You’ll find that most fitness retreats will offer a balanced approach to exercise and will include a range of different activities. They’ll be able to cater to different dietary requirements and can include vegan options. They may also include tours and trips outside of the resort to explore the local area.

If you’re looking for a luxury fitness retreat in Crete look no further than Daios Cove. This five-star resort on the north coast of the island is beautifully integrated into its rugged, natural surroundings. Its massive 2,500 m2 spa is a wellness sanctuary in its own right with yoga, massage, sound baths and a state-of-the-art medical area complete with a hyperbaric oxygenation chamber. The hotel is also perfectly located for exploring other must-see destinations on the island. The accommodation is a mix of luxury suites and villas with private pools overlooking the ocean.