Best Places to Eat in Lesbos

If you like food, wine and good company this is a place to visit. Its a real local restaurant serving the best recipes that you will find on the island.

In a mountain village 4 km southeast of Molyvos this family-run taverna has been in business since 1987. Sit outside to enjoy the sunset and a menu deeply rooted in traditional recipes. Stuffed courgette flowers, gkizlemedes and wine-cooked rooster are highlights.


The quaint town of Molyvos also known as Mithymna is one of the most interesting settlements on Lesvos. Its waterfront is lined with restaurants that serve fresh fish brought in by local fishing boats throughout the day. A few shops sell jewelry and other artisan crafts while galleries offer art. A visit to the harbor is a must as it offers a quaint setting for a relaxing lunch or dinner with friends or family.

Molyvos has an impressive menu that showcases the rich and diverse flavors of Greek cuisine. Its dishes range from traditional favorites to innovative creations. The menu is complemented by a selection of carefully curated wines.

The restaurant’s design is inspired by the rocky coastline of Lesvos, which features sandy beaches and charming villages. Its rustic country cooking is a tribute to the traditions and heritage of Greece. The menu includes a variety of mezes and appetizers, hyper-local specialty cheeses and honey, wild greens, and seafood stews.

Skala Eresou

Located on the western side of Lesvos, Skala Eresos is a beach village featuring an impressively long sandy beach that extends into the sea. The beach attracts locals who visit it on day trips as well as travellers looking for a relaxing holiday away from the hustle and bustle of popular destinations in the south of the island.

Skala has an enviable selection of beachside tavernas that serve everything from traditional fish and seafood dishes to modern fusion cuisine. There are also bars to enjoy a drink in the summer sun and a lively square for a revitalising morning coffee.

The village is renowned worldwide as the birthplace of Sappho, a famous lyric poet. As a result, it attracts women from around the world seeking creative inspiration and relaxation. The town also has a significant community of foreign artists and spiritually minded individuals who live in the village year round or spend their holidays here. This is reflected in the fact that there are countless shops and restaurants offering shiatsu, yoga and various therapies.

Skala Sykamias

With a tiny fishing port, traditional tavernas and the imposing temple of Panagia Gorgona (Virgin Mary the Mermaid), Skala Sykamias is Lesvos’ most picturesque village. Travel guides and tour brochures boast that the harbour is a sight to behold with fishing boats and caiques moored around the U-shaped bay, crowned by a white-washed church that resembles a mermaid’s tail.

The enchanting scenery is what inspired Stratis Myrivilis to write his literary masterpiece, “The Virgin Mary the Mermaid.” Whether walking through cobblestone streets lined with traditional houses or browsing the Folklore Museum of Skala Sykamias, the village’s authentic charm and serene embrace remain unaltered.

In addition to its pristine beaches, Skala Sykamias boasts an array of restaurants that feature local cuisine. From the cozy atmosphere at kafeneion-ouzeri Ermis to the refugee neighborhood taverna-ouzeri Koutsomitis, each restaurant tells a unique story and offers a variety of culinary experiences. Sample the freshest seafood or innovative appetizers like smoked mackerel fillet with onion and parsley, octopus grilled with rosemary and red wine sauce and fried cuttlefish.


On the westernmost part of the island lies a scenic seaside village called Gavatha. It has a long, beautiful warm sandy beach and a picturesque village. It is also home to a number of restaurants and taverns.

The beach is sheltered from the wind and offers shade thanks to the trees on the shoreline. Moreover, the waters are crystal clear and perfect for swimming. It is also a great place for snorkeling. There are several taverns along the beach where you can enjoy freshly caught fish.

The nearest big village is Antissa, which is a short drive away. It features supermarkets, gas stations, and ATMs. It is also the main transportation hub of Lesvos. In addition, it is a great base for visiting the petrified forest and Museum of Natural History at Sigri. It is also close to the renowned summer resort of Skala Eresou and its endless beaches.