A Journey to the Cave of the Apocalypse on Patmos

The Island of Patmos is home to a monastery and the cave where St. John (aka John the Revelator) is said to have received his visions for the Book of Revelation while in exile on the island. Visiting the cave and the monastery is a sacred pilgrimage for many Christians. Entrance to the Cave The … Read more

Lesser-Known Islands to Visit in the Cyclades

When the Cyclades come to mind, it’s typically images of white limestone villages glimmering above azure seas. However, there are plenty of lesser known islands in this iconic archipelago that deserve a visit. The cosmopolitan island of Syros is one example. Its capital Ermoupoli offers a jumble of beautifully colored neoclassical buildings and traditional Cycladic … Read more

Island-Hop Through the Sporades

The Sporades, comprising Skiathos, Skopelos, Alonissos and Skyros, are ideal for those who crave a relaxing Greek island holiday without the hordes. The beaches are pristine, and the local villages have retained their traditional charm. Skopelos gained international fame in 2008 as the main location for the movie Mamma Mia, while Alonissos has a natural … Read more

Exploring Delphi – Greece’s Ancient Oracle

A jumble of small buildings and broken monuments greet visitors at Delphi. Many of these were treasuries built by city states to commemorate their victories and thank the oracle for her advice. Delphi was the place where Zeus dispatched eagles to find the center of the world and where Apollo established his sanctuary after killing … Read more

Tinos – A Pilgrimage Destination With Unique Traditions

Tinos is a place with a unique trump card, boasting dozens of villages with amazing architectural experiences and first-line museums. The island is also home to great painters and marble sculptures, as well as impressive dovecotes. The Dormition (or Megalochari) church is a sacred pilgrimage destination for Greeks from across the country. Every August 15, … Read more

Yacht and Sailing Adventures in the Aegean Sea

Experience the magic of secluded beaches and crystalline waters on this stunning adventure. Enjoy a delicious selection of wines and other specialty foods on board while exploring the beautiful coastline. Choose a trip with local crews that have a vested interest in making sure you experience the vacation of your dreams. They will know all … Read more

Skiathos – A Greek Island For Nature Lovers

In modern life, it is easy to feel estranged from nature. Skiathos is a place where green is cherished and respected. The island has lush pine forests, sprawling fruit trees, over 60 sandy beaches and many historical relics. It also hosts a lively town center that comes alive every night. 1. Beaches A top draw … Read more

Skiathos Beaches

Skiathos is blessed with some stunning beaches with fine sand and crystal clear waters including Koukounaries, Banana, and Troulos. The best beaches are within walking distance of Skiathos Town. A long beach with a choice of sunbeds and natural shade. This beach has shallow turquoise water and is perfect for families with children. Agia Eleni … Read more

Discovering the Sifnos Pottery Tradition

The quiet island of Sifnos has a long legacy in pottery. Over 14 pottery workshops still operate today on the island, crafting one-of-a-kind ceramics using traditional forms and techniques. Sifnos’ refractory clay and abundant sunshine have encouraged this art to continue. Discovering the Sifnos Pottery Tradition is an Archipelago Network project that will digitize these … Read more