Dressing Up for Special Occasions on Greek Ferries

A ferry ride can be uncomfortable for those who get seasick easily. A flight would be a better choice for these people. Light colored clothes are the best to wear on a Greek island trip, especially during the summer. Cotton and linen are the ideal fabrics for this weather. Casual Dresses Ferries are a popular … Read more

Best Places to Eat in Antiparos

While Antiparos might not be the scene-y hotspot of Ios or Santorini, its underrated beauty entices a different breed of visitor. From Hollywood royalty to wealthy Athenians, its restaurants, bars, and beach clubs are impressive. Sit beneath a wicker egg swing at Nautica Cafe to enjoy the harbor views and a frothy latte. Or dine … Read more

The Odyssey Reimagined – Modern Greek Island Adventures by Ferry

Revel in the enchantment of Greece. Whether you’re SCUBA diving in Santorini or trekking around a medieval castle on Tinos, mild Aegean breezes refresh villages and towns where daily life continues unchanged for centuries. The first four books of the Odyssey begin with Penelope, Odysseus’s wife, and her arrogant suitors. Her son Telemachus searches for … Read more

Greek Isles by Sea – A Photographer’s Dream Journey

Discover dazzling Greek islands by sea on this cruise that takes you to the Cyclades, Ionian Islands, and Dodecanese islands. Peek into ancient ruins, snorkel in secluded coves, and dine at different restaurants each night. Island hopping by ferry ties you to ferry schedules and can require hefty carry-on luggage. Cruises avoid these hassles and … Read more

Exploring Exoticism on Greek Ferry Routes

Unlike nostalgic gazes which evoke a sense of familiarity and the remembrance of shared local traditions, exoticism provokes surprise and lust. It is a powerful aesthetic response to cultural Otherness, one that can shape global perceptions and understanding. More recent musicological studies of exoticism take a broad chronological survey approach (see Locke 2009, cited under … Read more

A Visual Journey Through Greek Ferry Routes

This nine-week summer program provides students with a deep understanding of the ocean’s critical issues through research and documentary filmmaking. Students learn fundamental aspects of video production, including scriptwriting, research, shooting and editing. Island-hopping by ferry seems like a right of passage for many Greek travelers. But how exactly do you go about booking your … Read more

A Guide to Ferry Travel in Greece

Ferry travel is the easiest way to visit Greek islands. However, ferry schedules can change from year to year and are impacted by weather. Most routes use large conventional ferries that offer plenty of deck and cabin space and a range of seating options. It’s worth paying a little extra for reserved “airplane” seats or … Read more

Best Places to Eat in Paleo Trikeri

Indulge in local cuisine by visiting one of the many traditional taverns and restaurants. Many offer delicious seafood dishes and other Greek specialties. The best time to visit Paleo Trikeri is during the summer months from June to September. During this season, the weather is warm and sunny, making it perfect for exploring the island’s … Read more

Sailing the Saronic Gulf

The Saronic Gulf (Saronikos Kolpos) offers excellent cruising conditions. Mild meltemi winds and minimal tidal effects make this area ideal for charterers who are new to sailing or looking to refine their skills. The best time for a Saronic Gulf sailing holiday is late spring to early fall due to pleasant temperatures and calm seas. … Read more

Joining Group Adventures Through the Aegean

A flotilla is a group of yachts sailing together under the guidance of a lead boat. Flotilla Leaders are passage planners, trainers and fountains of unrivaled local knowledge. While each boat sails independently, the FL provides a safety net, and is available to answer questions and offer troubleshooting. They also hold captain’s meetings and arrange … Read more