Best Places to Eat in Chios

Those used to the high-standard of Greek food on Lesvos will not be disappointed by Chios’ cuisine. Look for small ouzeri-style restaurants that serve keftedes (meatballs), tomato-keftedes and caciki.

Taverna Makelos is a pleasant surprise, offering gourmet traditional cuisine. The owner’s extensive knowledge of the island’s history and culture is reflected in his dishes.


The Roussiko tavern is located in the village of Thymiana, and serves a variety of traditional handmade dishes. The food is delicious, and the service is excellent. It is also very affordable.

This restaurant is the best place to enjoy a fresh meal in Chios, with the sea as your backdrop. It offers a unique experience that will leave you wanting more.

Its menu is diverse and features both Greek and international dishes, including grilled octopus and dolmadakia. The prices are reasonable, and the service is friendly. The tavern is also well known for its cocktails and pastries. The boiled octopus salad is especially good. The bar is hidden away a little and a bit off the beaten track, but it’s well worth the trip.


Located above the town of Chios, Hotzas is one of the best taverns on the island. Its cozy ambience and friendly staff make it a great place to enjoy traditional Greek dishes such as grilled mastello cheese, local sausages and dolmadakia. The prices are reasonable and the food is made with quality ingredients.

Guests can enjoy their meals at the table overlooking the beautiful beach and sea. The tavern offers delicious and fresh seafood dishes that will make you come back again and again. They also serve a variety of vegetarian options and offer great wine.

The tavern is a popular choice among locals, which is a testament to its excellent service and delicious dishes. Try their juicy tomato meatballs and local cheese kopanisti, and don’t forget to order their traditional spoon sweet for dessert.


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The restaurant’s menu is made up of Greek and Mediterranean dishes, and includes fresh seafood. The restaurant also has a wine list with a wide variety of wines from Greece and abroad. The prices are moderate, and the food is good quality.

The restaurant is located in Adelianos Kampos and has a private pool. The villas have satellite TV and free WiFi. They are equipped with a kitchen and offer a hot tub and a seating area. Guests can enjoy views of the Aegean Sea from their terrace or balcony.


The Meltemaki is a nice fish tavern that combines high quality food with a welcoming atmosphere. Its unique location offers a magnificent view of the Aegean Archipelagos. Its menu is full of traditional flavors merged into gourmet dishes, including grilled sardine and stuffed squid. Its affordable prices make it a great place to enjoy a meal on the island of Chios.

The Meltemaki is situated in Mouzakion and within a 10-minute drive of Zoo Club Zante. It features air-conditioned accommodation with a patio, free private parking and WiFi. Guests can also benefit from hiking nearby. There are also a number of popular sights in the area, such as Dionisios Solomos Airport and Agios Dionysios Church. The kitchen is fully equipped with a dishwasher, an oven and a fridge.


Taverna Agyra is a seafood restaurant with a unique menu and great prices. It is located in Nei Pori and is family-owned. It offers a variety of delicious Greek dishes and is perfect for any occasion.

The owners of the restaurant have a love and passion for Chian cuisine. Giorgos Mamalis has been working in taverns since he was a child and has always dreamed of opening his own restaurant. He and his wife have created a beautiful restaurant in Mega Limiona that has become a favorite destination for locals and tourists alike.

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