Mystical Aegean – A Journey Through Greek Islands via Ferries

The islands of the Aegean may seem separated by distance but are actually linked by a series of ferry routes. Hopping from one island to another is as easy as a relaxing afternoon journey available on a bi-daily basis and costs close to nothing.

Soak up the breezy lifestyle and diverse culture of scene-stealing Greek islands! Begin in Athens, a treasure trove of Hellenic heritage, then cruise to Santorini to discover its volcanic landscape.


Located in the center of the Cyclades and the oldest sacred island on the Greek mainland, Delos is a magical archaeological site that transports you back to ancient times. It was a center of religion and trade and is considered the birthplace of Apollo and Artemis. Today it is a must-visit for anyone interested in Greek history.

It is also home to the Temple of Isis, a headless statue of the goddess and one of the most impressive sites on the island. The ruins are beautifully preserved and visitors are free to explore the grounds. Some guided tours don’t include the temple but you can ask your guide to let you in if you wish.

Another highlight is the Sacred Lake, an oval indentation protected by five Naxian marble lions that was home to a libation pool. No other site on the planet holds such monumental antiquities from the Archaic and Classical periods in one place.

While many ferries can be booked online, some around-the-island boat trips are only available in person at the port. It’s best to double-check the ferry schedule and route before you set your plans because these can change with little notice. Children under 5 travel for free in deck class on normal ferries and pay half price on high-speed ferries. All passengers are allowed a full refund in case of cancellation by the ferry company or government order.


The azure waters of the Aegean Sea have enchanted travelers for centuries. Steeped in history, mythology, and natural beauty, this ancient body of water is a true gem. Its islands are a destination in themselves, while its underwater world is teeming with marine life.

Amorgos, nicknamed “poor man’s Mykonos,” may not be the easiest of Greek islands to reach but is a top island for walking and village life. Visitors come for its dramatic mountainous morphology, rocky beaches, and nostalgic charm.

Aegiali, the largest port on the northwestern end of the island, is an ideal base for exploring. Its beach is a beautiful spot for relaxing, while the tavernas offer a wide range of cuisine and are perfectly positioned to watch the sunset.

The island’s best walking route starts in Lagada and ends at the tiny katholikon (monastery) of Hozoviotissa, a remarkable sight “clinging to the clifflike ridge like a chest of drawers” (Pitton de Tournefort) and housing just 3 monks. The path is also rewarded with views over Lagada’s “dry oasis” and the monastery of Epanohoriani.

The main town on the northern part of the island, Chora, is another highlight. Its quaint streets and houses draped with vibrant bougainvillea are enchanting. I loved walking around mid morning and enjoying a quiet tour of this charming little village.


If your idea of a Greek island vacation revolves around Santorini or Mykonos, it might be time to widen your horizons. Paros has a lot to offer, especially for those who are willing to look beyond its glossy luxury hotel scene (which has grown a bit more exciting since Marriott’s Luxury Collection brought Cosme to the island in 2023).

Round-shaped Paros is a place worn smooth by so many hands. Its beaches and windswept rocky cliffs are littered with broken pillars, sarcophagi and mosaics – evidence that the island was passed from the Greeks to the Romans to the Byzantines and then to the Venetians before finally making its way back to independent Greece.

While the island’s main port and capital is Paroikia, the best part of the island is its traditional villages surrounded by idyllic nature. Make sure to visit Lefkes, one of the most famous mountainous village on the island, to stroll its quaint alleyways and admire the white color charm that gives it a magical atmosphere! The village is located at a few kilometers from Logara and Piso Livadi popular beaches, and it’s also close to the important historical monuments on Kefalos Hill.

Another must-visit is the monastery of Panagia Ekatontapiliani, which is a place of pilgrimage for Greek Orthodox Christians. A visit to this magnificent sanctuary is a unique opportunity to get acquainted with the island’s ecclesiastic history and traditions!


With the wind in your hair and a wine-dark sea at your feet, you might think that ferry-hopping the Greek Islands is a dream reserved for Homer’s Odyssey or the movie “Zorba.” Yet cruising to multiple islands is an affordable option for anyone with a flexible schedule. The ferries that connect Crete, the Cyclades and Saronic Gulf islands are all accessible from Athens, so island-hopping is easy enough to do on a short vacation, even in high season.

On Hydra, you can see the legacy of a port that produced military heroes and powerful aristocrats. Rusted cannons dot the streets and black, pitted anchors decorate squares. But the island’s economy is now based on tourism and yachts docked for the night.

Hydra is a gorgeous destination, with a dramatic harbour and whitewashed houses lining the cliffs that rise from azure blue sea. The rocky island is also a great hiking and biking spot.

Many Greek ferries offer e-tickets, which allow you to buy your tickets online and have them sent to your mobile phone or email. This makes the process of buying a ticket much faster, especially during peak summer when meltemi winds can cause delays. Note that the ferry routes and itineraries change every year, so checking availability can be a challenge. The best way to find a specific route is to use the search function on our booking engine, which automatically displays the available fares.