Best Places to Eat in Kasos

Kasos’ tavernas and restaurants are a foodie’s paradise. The island’s traditional dishes are influenced by its long history with Egypt.

Sample the famous stuffed vine leaves (dolmades) and salted sardines. Other dishes include black rice boiled in cuttlefish ink and pasta with local creamy cheese ‘sitaka’. Try also ‘roikio’, wild grass that resembles chicory, boiled and seasoned with salt.


The taverna on Emporio Beach, the best place to eat on Kasos, offers fresh fish and tasty seafood dishes. Also try the dolmadakia here – miniature stuffed vine leaves. They’re less than a fourth of the size you’ll find on other Greek islands and are a testament to the skill of local cooks.

The island’s cuisine is heavily influenced by Egypt because of its historical links. You’ll see a spicier version of classic Greek dishes on the menu. Soupiopilafo, a black rice dish made with cuttlefish ink, is one of the most unique offerings.

Italian cuisine is popular in Kasos too. Pizza di Kassos serves perfectly cooked pizza, while Kambouris in the centre of Fry has delicious fast food. The island is a great destination for water sports such as diving and windsurfing too. Its picturesque alleyways are also worth exploring for their ancient houses. The southeastern part of the island offers some particularly striking scenery.

Kafeneio Maroukla

Kasos is a treasure trove of authentic Greek island experiences – from its wild natural scenery to intimate beaches and charming harbours. It’s also a foodie’s paradise thanks to the cuisine that has strong influences from Crete and Egypt.

The taverna at Kafeneio Maroukla serves delicious grilled meats and mouthwatering tomato cakes. You can also enjoy a variety of local cheeses. The kolokithapoulia (stuffed zucchini blossoms) are a highlight, as they are not common outside of Kasos. The stuffed vine leaves known as kasiotic dolmadakia and the soupiopilafo (black cuttlefish ink rice) are other delicacies you can try.

Another highlight is Helatros Beach, which is a beautiful, windy beach protected by cliffs. It has the perfect balance between wild and civilized, with a terrific cantina right at the beach’s edge. It’s also a great spot for windsurfing.


Kasos is a place that makes you slow down and enjoy the natural beauty, intimate beaches, and friendly locals. The island is also renowned for its cuisine which combines Greek and Egyptian flavours. The traditional kafeneia and small restaurants that cater to locals above everybody else make for an unforgettable culinary experience.

One of the best places to sample some of the local dishes is at Meltemi, located inside the Istron Bay Hotel. The menu includes a mix of seafood and hearty meat dishes. The restaurant also serves some of the best dairy products on the island. Make sure to try the makarounes with sitaka – a delicious handmade pasta with cheese and caramelized onions – and the traditional dolmades wrapped in vine leaves.

The hotel is located in Perissa village, a short walk from the famous black sand beach. The main attractions on the island are within a short walking distance as well, including many great restaurants and beach clubs.

Pizza di Kassos

The local food of Kasos is influenced by the island’s ancient ties with Egypt. You can try dishes such as roikio (wild chicory) boiled with salt, seasoned with lemon juice and topped with tahini; ‘dormaes’ (little stuffed vine leaves), which are less than half the size of those served elsewhere in Greece; or molohia (also known as mulukhiyah, molokheya, or molokheeyah) – a cooked green dish made from a mix of herbs.

The Kasiots are extroverted and hospitable people, who open their homes and hearts to visitors. They love their island, and it shows in the way they live – with rich indigenous cuisine, beautiful old-world villages, and traditions that remain largely unchanged. A trip to Kasos is like stepping back in time.