Best Places to Eat in Saria

Saria operates an animal, vegetable and agricultural by-products management business. The Company recycles and reuses by-products to produce products for human consumption, animal feed and industrial applications. Saria serves customers worldwide.

As the Phoenix New Times Food Editor, Lauren Saria stays on top of a wide range of food trends. She is on the lookout for trends that drive innovation and profitability for restaurants.

1. Restaurante O Rest

Restaurante O Rest is a cozy, friendly spot that specializes in regional cuisines. Guy loves the pastas (especially the wicked chicken rigatoni), pizzas, and the fresh tomato oil appetizer. Chef Gazala Halabi might work in a tiny kitchen, but her Druze dishes have Guy taking big bites. Try the kebabs and bourekas, but be sure to save room for Osh Al-Saria—a creamy yogurt pudding with orange and rosewater.

Restaurante O Rest is located in Saria Town,(TAoL)[1] a small village on the edge of Death Mountain. The town is known for its delicious food and welcoming atmosphere. You can visit the town by train, or by foot from Saria Station.

2. Meson Roberto

Meson Roberto is located in Sarria and offers authentic Galician cuisine. Its signature dish is the Galician octopus (pulpo a feira) which has conquered palates all over the world.

The restaurant is family owned and operated and prides itself on offering its customers a unique culinary experience. Its menu features traditional Spanish dishes as well as modern tapas and Southern Italian specialties.

Meson Roberto is the ideal place to enjoy a great meal and drinks in a warm and cozy atmosphere. The staff is friendly and the service is excellent. In addition, the food is affordable. It is a must-try restaurant when visiting Sarria. You will not regret it. This is a popular spot for locals and tourists alike. The restaurant is easy to reach by car or public transportation.

3. Restaurante Iglesia Santa Marina de Sarria

Located right next to the famous stairs, this restaurant serves up tasty meat dishes and tapas. The interior is cozy and the service staff is friendly.

Probably the most popular landmark in Sarria, this monastery is worth visiting for its historical value alone. Guests can stamp their credential here (pending opening hours) and there’s also the opportunity to attend mass in the church.

The infamous stairs are just around the corner from this establishment and the church of Santa Marina is not far either. Other nearby attractions include Museo Etnografico del Pan and Paseo das Aceas. Sarria center can be reached within a 5-minute walk and there’s an excellent restaurant called La taza magica nearby as well. Many of the rooms have a balcony or terrace and a private bathroom for added comfort.

5. Restaurante La Catedral

This restaurant in downtown Sarnia is a must-visit. They serve delicious snacks in a fun setting. From chicken and waffles to poutine, they have it all. The service is friendly and fast, and the food is fantastic!

La Catedral serves upscale French-Mediterranean dishes that put pleasure over spectacle. The menu draws inspiration from Southern France, but also traces of Italy, Greece and Spain. Try the Ribeye Steak au Poivre, Chickpea Socca Pancake or Bouillabaisse ’Tetou’ for a meal that feels both modern and classic. You’ll be surrounded by old giants that welcome you, and the plaza outside is lovely – especially in Summer when the trellis is blooming.