Best Places to Eat in Milos, Greece

From tavernas on lava-dunes to fine-dining suppers, there are lots of ways to dine well on Milos, a luminous Cycladic island that often gets overlooked in favour of Santorini and other crowd-pleasers. A local insider recommends these spots for classic Greek food, waterfront dining and inventive locavore menus.

This restaurant overlooking Adamantas bay is family-run and serves recipes passed down through generations. Don’t miss green bean fasolakia, pitarakia tis Giagias (Grandma’s cheese pies) and halakokeftedes (fried Mizirthra cheese balls spiked with mint).

1. Medusa

A neon-lit party that is open until 2am on four nights a week, Medusa serves up a full menu of Greek fare. From gyros to full platters of biftekia, you can get your fill here.

Though her appearance in art varied over the Archaic, Classical, and Hellenistic periods from grotesque to beautiful, Medusa always retained an otherness. Her gaze petrified living things, and her snakes embodied the power of vengeance and danger.

Despite her savage and terrifying visage, the legend of Medusa suggests that she was actually quite kind-hearted. Hesiod tells of her having sex with Poseidon in a soft spring meadow, and Ovid, writing 700 years later, explains how Heracles gave her hair—which still had the ability to turn onlookers into stone—to his mother Sterope as a protection against enemies. Eventually, her head was used as the evil-averting device known as the Gorgoneion. Medusa also had two children: Pegasus the winged horse and Chrysaor, a golden giant.

2. Astakas

With a fantastic beachfront location, this laid-back spot does Greek food and drinks well. Look for the likes of grilled octopus, fish, and seafood dishes. Also try their renowned slow-cooked lamb and classic Greek salad with tzatziki.

In a picturesque coastal setting on the bay of Klima, this family-run tavern is known for its fresh, seasonal produce and delicious seafood. Its menu features authentic recipes handed down from generations past. Order grilled swordfish, taramasalata (salted cod in lemon and olive oil), or stuffed sundried eel with potatoes, herbs, and cheese.

The cosy atmosphere at this atmospheric spot is perfect for relaxing, with wooden tables and chairs scattered whimsically on the sandy floor. The menu is dominated by seafood dishes, but you can still enjoy meat platters, fried meals, cold beers, and traditional alcoholic drinks. The service is excellent and prices are fair. This place is highly recommended by many guests.

3. Verina

Another sunset spot on the island, Verina serves cocktails, grilled meat and meze in a lovely setting. Their oven roasted lamb was one of the best things I ate in Greece and they also serve a great variety of local cocktails like Euphoria (rum) and Katsiki Lemonato.

This tiny tavern is located in Tripiti and it serves delicious, home-cooked food for an affordable price. Try their fava (yellow-split pea) with tomatoes, their cheese pies and their fried potatoes.

The coastal village of Adamas is a hub for tourists on the island, with its huge ferry terminal and numerous restaurants. It’s a good base to explore the rest of Milos, with its winding streets lined with traditional 2-storey syrmata and pretty beaches. This is also the closest fishing village to Plaka, so you can get a taste of authentic Milos life without trekking too far from your hotel or villa. You can also find some great beaches nearby, including the lunar-like Sarakiniko beach and the caves of Kleftiko.

4. Utopia

If you’re looking for a restaurant to enjoy a romantic dinner overlooking the picturesque bay of Pollonia, then Utopia is definitely worth a visit. Their menu is a perfect blend of traditional Greek ingredients and upscale Italian presentation, that’s only upstaged by the stunning vista that awaits you outside.

The highlight of a meal here is the grilled octopus that’s slow-cooked for hours in a volcanic sand pit. But other dishes like fried mizirthra cheese balls, green bean fasolakia and halakokeftedes (fried potato rolls) are also worth trying.

It’s also a great spot for a breakfast, where they serve a variety of different types of pastry. Utopia is located in the village of Trypiti, about a 20-minute drive from Plaka. Be sure to make a reservation before you head here, because this place gets busy. The owner of this restaurant is very friendly and always ready to help you. He’ll also make some recommendations based on what you’re craving for that day.