Best Places to Eat in Karpathos

Karpathos was late to enter the game of tourism, so it has maintained a distinct identity. Instead of glitzy attractions and arm-packed malls, you’ll find small villages that celebrate tradition through food.

A ‘Horiatiki’ Salata combines locally grown tomatoes, cucumbers, green peppers, feta cheese, and kalamata olives with extra virgin olive oil, red vinegar, and sea salt. It’s like nothing you’ve ever eaten before.

1. Limanaki

One of the best restaurants in Karpathos, with a unique setting, and great food! You will find a lot of delicious local dishes, including the famous tsimetes and makarounes, as well as grilled meats.

The menu is full of traditional Greek dishes with international influences and is created by Chef Angela Papavassiliou, a Master Chef from Greece. The restaurant also serves a selection of wines from the island and the rest of Greece.

Ciao is a hidden gem that never disappoints! Their delectable cuisine caters to a variety of dietary needs and offers generous portions at incredibly reasonable prices.

While exploring Karpathos, be sure to visit its traditional little mountain villages with breathtaking views of the rugged landscape! The island also boasts a number of wind-surfing spots and unique trekking paths. It’s also worth taking a trip to Afiartis, where you can spend a day windsurfing in the crystal blue sea! This beautiful bay is also home to a picturesque white village and a Mycenaean ancient site, the rocky acropolis.

2. Ladokolla

Karpathos was late to the game of mass tourism, so it’s been able to preserve many local traditions. This is reflected in the food that is served at the local tavernas. The island is famous for its meat dishes, especially goat, that is freely reared on the mountain slopes of the island.

One of the best restaurants in Karpathos that specializes in meat is called Ladokolla. It is a family friendly place with a menu inspired by baking paper. Most of the dishes on the menu are served on this paper, so it feels like you’re eating in a home.

The cuisine at Ladokolla is delicious and traditional. The meze dishes such as the courgette flowers stuffed with mizithra cheese, and the grilled lamb are excellent. The staff is very friendly, and the prices are reasonable. They also serve a good selection of wines.

3. Poseidon Restaurant

Located just above the Damatria beach in Afiartis, Poseidon Restaurant is an amazing gastronomy hotel and restaurant that offers breathtaking views of the sea below. Managed by a Dutch wine expert and his Greek partner who was the first Master Chef of Greece, this tranquil establishment is known for its fusion of traditional Greek recipes with international techniques and flavors.

The dishes here are made from locally-sourced ingredients. Be sure to try the homemade makarounes (a kind of pasta cooked with onions and local cheese), dolmadakia stuffed with vine leaves, tsimetes omelette with wild greens, artichokes and spinach, and fresh sardines straight from the fisherman’s basket.

The service is warm and friendly, and one week in Karpathos is definitely not enough to sample everything from the little breakfast bakeries and long seafood lunches to the relaxing coffee shops and dinners in the village squares. Just be prepared to spend hours over your meals sipping wine, chatting and digesting.

4. Anemoussa

Karpathos entered the game of mass tourism relatively late, so the island’s restaurants still uphold traditional cuisine. You can savour local casserole dishes, delectable homemade mezedes, such as zucchini balls, fava, and dolmadakia (stuffed vine leaves), as well as melt-in-your mouth oven-baked goat. Try the spare ribs masterfully grilled too!

With its 17 rooms overlooking the Aegean Sea and built with traditional Cycladic architecture, Anemoussa is an ideal option for travellers looking for a peaceful retreat. Enjoy the calming view from your terrace, take a swim in the pool or relax at the lounge area. The hotel’s proximity to Folegandros town, beach, and the island’s harbour is an additional plus point. The hotel offers a free shuttle service to the port and the surrounding taverns and geschaftes. Anemoussa is also close to the bus station and Chora’s main street. Guests can enjoy their stay at this wonderful hotel with its hospitable and friendly staff. The hotel’s cosy rooms are adorned with modern amenities and offer a lovely atmosphere.