Best Places to Eat in Rineia, Greece

The unique uninhabited island of Rineia is a great day trip from Mykonos. It’s a beautiful place that is full of ancient ruins and has secluded beaches.

It offers some of the best restaurants in Mykonos. You can enjoy eclectic cocktails and music here along with delicious thukpa, which is an amalgamation of native Sikkimese, Tibetan and Nepali cuisine.

Brenner Pass

The Brenner Pass is a mountain pass that divides Austria and Italy. It features a four-lane motorway and railway tracks, as well as a small village that has various shops and restaurants. In addition, the Brenner Pass is home to a number of other tourist attractions.

The road trip from Steinach am Brenner to Sterzing is filled with stunning alpine scenery and historic landmarks. The route also offers many places to stop and enjoy the view or take a break from driving. In addition, the hotels and taverns offer regional dishes that have been cherished for generations.

The Brenner Pass has been one of the most popular Alpine crossings since ancient times, and it was used by illustrious figures such as Martin Luther and Johann Wolfgang von Goethe. It is a crossroads of cultures, where Mediterranean influences meet Tyrolean friendliness and Austrian hospitality. It is an excellent place to discover some of Europe’s most fascinating castles, including Reifenstein Castle, which has an interior that looks like a medieval cathedral.

Black Lodge

The Black Lodge is a series of endless red-curtained hallways and rooms. It is the place of evil and a realm of pure darkness. It is a place where one can explore the darkest parts of their personalities. It is said that if you do not enter with perfect courage, the Lodge will annihilate your soul. It is also a place of doppelgangers and the echoes of the past.

The concept of the Black Lodge has been used in many works of fiction, from David Lynch’s Twin Peaks to Jordan Peele’s Us. It has even been featured in video games, such as the Persona franchise, which has a surreal space that blurs the line between mental and cosmic.

The music of Black Lodge is hard to categorize, as it contains everything from early blasting doom metal to funeral and atmospheric doom. However, this band has remained elusive since their release of Covet and none of the members play in any other bands.


Grisette, which merges chic and cozy into one, is located in a small space in the Church Hill neighborhood. Its small menu rotates weekly but focuses on fresh, local, and house-made items. Guests can enjoy a smorgasbord of meats and cheeses, paired with an impressive array of spreads and breads.

Like Saisons and Bieres de garde, grisettes were brewed to quench the thirst of miners in the border region between France and Belgium. They’re light and dry with a refreshing citrus flavor from the hops, though some brewers also use sour microorganisms to create mixed-fermentation grisettes. The name may refer to the grey stones used in mining or the colour of the garments worn by the women serving the beer in local taverns. They are top-fermented like ales but brewed at lower temperatures than lagers. Modern breweries often add fruit or barrels to the base recipe to give it an extra boost of character.


Spondi is a must for fans of fine dining and the first Michelin starred restaurant in Greece. It features a charming setting with vaulted interiors, patios and courtyards. It was founded in 1996 by Apostolos Trastelis and boasts an extensive wine cellar. It is home to a team of talented chefs led by Arnaud Bignon who was responsible for its second star in 2008.

He has left the premises to focus on The Greenhouse and his successor Angelos Lantos continues to offer artful, often playful dishes such as smoked milk croquettes laid over green bedding to resemble eggs in a nest or a deconstructed Saint-Nectaire ‘cheese on toast’.

Its dishes are bursting with umami flavours and feature masterful presentation and originality. Its menu offers a variety of delicious options such as Foie gras, Patagonia cod and duck. It also features a value for money tasting menu. Its service is exemplary. This is the restaurant to go to for a special occasion.