Best Places to Eat in Kythnos

Best Places to eat in Kythnos

The west Cyclades island Kythnos is a culinary gem. Its tavernas in the main town (Hora) and villages offer an authentic island experience.

Local recipes are a must-try, especially the cheese dishes such as sfougato and strapatsades with courgettes. The island is also renowned for its seafood. It is prepared in a simple way that respects the culinary minimalism of the island.


The restaurants in Kythnos generally reflect local food traditions. They are open all year round except for the seasonal beach taverns and they offer unique dishes for those who love traditional flavors and recipes.

The fact that Kythnos is not a purely tourist island and that livestock and sea fishing are collateral activities for the residents has enriched its local cuisine. The island’s taverns are supplied with fresh fish caught around the islands and in the open seas as well as with lambs grazing on the hilly terrain.

The best places to eat in Kythnos are in the main town of Merichas and in the scenic villages of Chora, Dryopida and Kanala. The taverns in these settlements are characterized by their excellent service and are often family run. They usually combine modern and traditional tastes and provide good value for money. They serve a variety of tasty appetizers such as the famous sfougato, the strapatsades with courgettes and hortopites (wild greens pies). They also prepare classic Greek dishes for all tastes.


Kythnos is a picturesque island in the western Cyclades and it has plenty of restaurants that have a very high reputation. They range from traditional Greek cuisine taverns to seafront fish taverns that serve fresh seafood dishes. Most restaurants in the island are small units that are usually family businesses, thus, maintaining a sense of local tradition and hospitality.

In the town of Merichas, a restaurant called Ostria is situated close to where the ferries dock. It is the first place that many people go to after disembarking from their boats. The restaurant serves a simple menu but their grilled fish is excellent.

The place is perfect for lunch or dinner and has a very casual, downtempo atmosphere that goes well with the music they play. The food here is very good and the prices are very reasonable. Try their sfouggato which is grated cheese shaped into balls. It is the best thing to have with a glass of wine!


The main town of Kythnos, or Messaria as it is called, is built amphitheatrically on a hill and is the perfect introduction to Cycladic culture. Its intensely beautiful architecture and authentic island atmosphere are reflected in its cobbled alleyways, churches and cafes.

In the main village, tavernas like Mparoutis and Koutsikos serve casual meat dishes and grandma’s recipes for an excellent Greek dining experience. The church of Panagia Kanala is a must-see sight, as is the pine forest that it overlooks.

In addition to its excellent seafood restaurants, the island has a rich cottage industry with products like sausages and rusks, thyme honey that is one of the best in Greece, capers and earthenware pottery that reflects the local tradition. The traditional cheese products of Kythnos are also worth a taste, including feta and the crumbled cheese variety kopanisti. You can also try sfouggato, a traditional fried cheese croquette. You can enjoy these dishes at the many family-run tavernas throughout the island.


Kythnos is known for its culinary traditions and its wide range of restaurants. Most of them are small units that usually belong to families, creating a strong tone of hospitality. They offer a varied menu that can suit every taste. Some of the dishes that you can try include feta cheese, thyme honey, capers and clay pots. You can also find desserts like pasteli (nougat with sesame seeds and honey) and traditional pies.

Besides the numerous restaurants that you can find on the island, you can also visit some of the best caves in Greece. The Katafiki Cave, for example, is a natural cave with impressive stalactites that used to serve as shelters from pirates.

Dryopida is one of the largest settlements on the island and it is situated in a very good location from where you can start excursions to Kanala, Flampouria or any area of southern Kythnos. The village has all the necessary services for the visitors including 2 small super markets and cafes.