Ferry Hopscotch – Planning Your Perfect Greek Island Itinerary

Ferry Hopscotch Designing Your Perfect Greek Island Itinerary

Island hopping can be a fun and affordable way to experience the beauty of the Greek islands. But how do you go about planning the perfect route?

CalMac offers hopscotch tickets that make it easy to ferry hop around the Hebridean islands. These tickets are valid for 31 days and can be used in either direction.

Start in Athens

When planning a 10 day Greece itinerary, you need to prioritize and focus on the areas that will most appeal to your interests. This can be challenging, especially in a country like Greece that has so much to offer. However, with a little bit of creativity and the right tips, it is possible to make the most out of your time on this breathtaking continent!

Start your journey in the capital city of Athens. Here, you will be able to explore the awe-inspiring ancient ruins of the Acropolis and take in all that this historic city has to offer. In addition, Athens is also home to a number of luxury hotels that are a favorite of celebrities such as Brigitte Bardot and Jackie Onassis.

After a few nights in Athens, hop on a ferry to the island of Ios. This beautiful destination will enchant you with its pristine beaches and lively nightlife scene. During your stay here, you will be able to visit the clifftop Temple of Apollo and enjoy some well-deserved relaxation!

Head to the Cyclades

The iconic isles of the Cyclades are an island-hopper’s dream. With their dazzling blue waters and enchanting white villages, the islands are a true vision of paradise. Whether you’re in search of an authentic escape or want to dance the night away in one of the buzzing harbor towns, there is something for everyone in this idyllic archipelago.

It’s important to book your ferry tickets well in advance, especially during the high season. Since the islands are so close together, ferries fill up quickly, and there can be long wait times for seats.

Choosing the right ferry is also crucial. Ferries range from conventional vessels to high speed vessels, with each offering different levels of comfort and convenience. For example, a high speed boat will be much faster than a traditional roll on, roll off vessel, but will offer less space to store your luggage.

The best way to get around the Cyclades is with a hopscotch ticket that includes multiple routes on one ticket. This is a great option for first-time visitors to Greece, as it takes the guesswork out of planning a trip. This package allows you to visit a handful of island destinations without having to worry about arranging transportation between each stop. This is also a great way to see more popular destinations like Mykonos and Santorini before the summer crowds arrive.

Head to the Dodecanese

The archipelago of the Dodecanese is a trove of enticing beaches and ancient history. The group of 16 larger and smaller islands is a perfect destination for an island hopping adventure, with a range of different experiences to suit any travel style. Adventurers can hunt for ancient ruins and climb to mighty castles while foodies can indulge in mouthwatering local cuisine at tavernas by the sea.

As the largest island in the Dodecanese, Rhodes makes for a fantastic hub for visiting neighbouring destinations. It’s also an emerging green tourism destination, implementing various sustainable practices including eco electric mobility and countless plant-based dishes that make it one of the best Greek islands for vegans and vegetarians.

Further east, Kos is a worthy competitor in the healthy competition for culture stakes (the father of modern medicine Hippocrates once established his Asclepeion here – a collection of infirmaries, temples and hot springs – that’s still in use today). Or choose quieter gems like eco-friendly Tilos or untouched Karpathos with its mountain village of Olympos.

The beauty of ferry travel is that it can be easily tweaked to align with any time frame or budget. Swapping Ios for Mykonos or extending the duration of your stay on Naxos are simple, cost-effective changes to your itinerary. You can then relax on the deck and watch the cool blue waters glide by as you cruise towards your next Greek island paradise.

Head to the Ionian

The Ionian islands are a mix of cosmopolitan resorts and quiet traditional villages. It’s a great island-hopping destination for those who want a little bit of everything: from lively nightlife to gorgeous beaches and picturesque towns. Join a Corfu to Paxos day trip to experience this paradise for yourself and discover its gorgeous pristine beaches.

The best time to go Greek island hopping is the shoulder season of April until mid-June and September to October. The weather is warm without being too hot and there are fewer tourists around, which makes it easier to enjoy your trip.

If you prefer a little more comfort and convenience, flying is the way to go. However, remember that not all the islands have airports, so you’ll need to factor in extra travel time if you’re hopping between the more remote destinations.

If you don’t mind a few hours of travel time, you can also take the train. However, trains are slower than buses and aren’t as comfortable.