Best Places to Eat in Andros

Best Places to eat in Andros

A splurge-worthy stop for brunch or dinner, this place is recommended by a local. Their froutalia is the best in town. They also make outstanding pita and soft, sesame village bread.

This restaurant is one of the first to present a fresh and creative approach to traditional Andriot and Greek Mediterranean cuisine. Try their risotto with feta cheese, pearl barley with mushrooms, octopus and their own “branded” milk product (mastapetiha).

Cyclades Restaurant

The restaurant offers a variety of delicious cuisine in a unique setting. The menu features fresh seafood entrees including grilled and fried calamari. The restaurant also serves a variety of wines and cocktails.

Almost every Astorian claims a favorite Greek grill, and Taverna Kyclades tops many local lists. The eatery’s rustic interior is decked out with the blue and white colors of the Greek flag. The seafood here is exceptional—especially the grilled octopus and light-yet-flavorful fried whiting.

Kypri Beach Bar

Kypri beach is a sandy beach with crystal clear turquoise waters. It is one of the most sheltered beaches in Andros and is a great choice for water sports.

Sip refreshing cocktails and tame hunger pangs with tasty appetizers at this unique beach bar in Andros. Unwind to uplifting music and a sunset of unrivaled beauty.

Whether you’re looking for cosmopolitan beach bars with loud music or quieter ones that offer upscale comforts, Andros has them all. Just make sure you check prices before you order.

Andriakon Pantopoleio

At the end of the island’s main road, this shop carries local products and rare coffees. The owners are friendly and the prices are very reasonable.

Unlike the hordes of yachts at Gavrio, Batsi feels remote and a little bit undiscovered. The villas and a handful of attractive hotels overlook beaches that are never jammed. This is where Andros’ shipowners go to escape the hordes and party on their own terms.

Konaki Restaurant

The menu at Konaki Restaurant offers a wide selection of fresh and high-quality Greek food. They use local ingredients to create their delicious dishes, including grilled seafood, stuffed vine leaves and vegetarian moussaka.

Guests love the homey atmosphere and beautiful decor at this place. The waiters at this restaurant are friendly and attentive. They also serve delicious house wine and cordial at affordable prices. Moreover, the coffee is tasty. You can enjoy your meal accompanied by great music.

Endochora Restaurant

Located on the main street of Chora, Endochora is a stylish hotspot serving modern twists to classic dishes. Stuffed squash blossoms, grilled octopus and pearl barley with mushrooms are some of the highlights.

The capital of Andros, the picturesque city of Chora looks like a postcard and is surprisingly spared from cheesy souvenir shops. The Basil & Elise Goulandris Foundation Museum of Contemporary Art is also worth checking out.

Aphrodite’s Delights Restaurant

Located on Vitali Beach, Aphrodite’s Delights offers Greek and Mediterranean dishes. It also features a great selection of cocktails and wines. In addition to the food, Aphrodite’s has a cozy atmosphere and great service.

The owners of Aphrodite’s have a deep passion for organic, farm to table cuisine. They aim to bring back the connection between agriculture and city life. Almost all of their ingredients are organic and many of them are local! They also offer nutritional breakdowns for each menu item.

O Kossis Restaurant

The taverna’s owners, members of Andros’ storied shipping families, have a good eye for business. The menu, “Steki tou Andrea” is full of tasty Greek dishes, and the place is a real oasis during the day as it offers lots of shade under the mulberry trees.

This taverna is famous in Andros for its meat and grilled meats, serving up delightful lamb chops, Andros sausage, frigadeli, kontosouvli and more. The prices are reasonable. It is worth a visit!

Sea Satin Nino

On the far eastern side of Andros lies Korthi Bay. This seaside village might be the least touristy on the island but locals come here to eat at Sea Satin Nino. Owner Giginis aims to make his restaurant the gastronomic center of Andros and has refused offers to move it to Hora.

The menu is impressive. It features a variety of meat dishes and seafood. For dessert, you can have loukoumades which is a famous traditional pastry in Andros.