Ferry Freestyle – Unplanned Adventures on the Greek Seas

Ferry Freestyle Unplanned Adventures on the Greek Seas

Whether you’re a first-time traveler or an experienced adventurer, ferries are a fun and convenient way to explore the Greek Islands. But beware – they can make you seasick!

Many Greek island ferries offer cabins and outdoor deck space. If you’re planning on traveling with your pet, be sure to research the ferry’s pet policy.

Day 1

Whether you choose a ferry that champions speed or one that caters to passengers prone to seasickness, your island-hopping experience begins at the ferry departure ports in Piraeus and Rafina. Organize transportation to the ports for a smooth start to your journey and ensure you’re ready to board with plenty of time to spare before departure.

Check online ferry routes and schedules, which can vary based on weather conditions. Travelers can also book ferry tickets in advance, especially for popular routes like Mykonos to Santorini. Spend a free day in Athens and explore the Acropolis site, National Archaeological Museum, and Ancient Agora. Then, visit the stunning mountaintop monasteries of Meteora.

Day 2

A secluded island fishing community is in the grip of a mysterious, and sometimes deadly, fish shortage. A visiting biologist, continuing his late wife’s work, suspects that an unknown ocean predator is responsible.

Arrive in Athens and settle into your hotel. Relax and recharge by taking a dip in the Aegean Sea or soaking in healing natural springs. See the historic ruins of the Acropolis on an included tour or marvel at the massive Panathenaic Stadium.

Enjoy a variety of onboard travel experiences while sailing between Greek islands. From high-speed ferries with aircraft-style seating to private cabins, ferry options are available to accommodate different budgets and comfort levels.

Day 3

A quick ferry ride brings you to Delos, a UNESCO World Heritage Site where temples, statues and well-preserved artifacts provide an intimate look into ancient Greek civilization. Then, return to Mykonos where a lively nightlife balances natural beauty with a rich, complicated history.

Midsummer is high season in the Greek Islands, when beaches are packed and ferries run most regularly. But, with a bit of research and flexible planning, you can still enjoy the warm waters and bustling streets during the shoulder seasons in spring or fall. Or, if you prefer to avoid crowds altogether, travel during winter when most of the islands close down for the season.

Day 4

Start your island-hopping adventure with an orientation walk in Athens. Afterward, tuck into your hotel’s sophisticated accommodations.

Ferry travel is a key piece of any island-hopping experience. From vast car/passenger ferries on longer routes to fast, high-speed boats that champion speed, the type of ferry you choose can dramatically impact your onboard experience.

Explore the rugged coastlines and crystalline waters of Greece. Trace the legacy of legendary civilizations on the Acropolis in Athens, or delve beneath the sea’s surface off the islands of Santorini and Naxos to find colorful reefs and shipwrecks. Thrill to the dramatic cliffs of Meteora, where centuries-old windswept Byzantine monasteries appear to hang from towering stone pinnacles.

Day 5

Embark on a day-long sailing excursion to secluded beaches and bays. Paddle to crimson-colored volcanic beaches and hike soaring cliffs on Santorini. Embark on an in-depth journey into Greece’s mythic islands while discovering its rich culture amid ancient ruins and timeless villages.

Ensure a smooth start to your trip by organizing transportation to the ferry departure port in Athens. Note that island-hopping itineraries may require a flexible schedule, as ferries can be subject to last-minute cancellations due to weather and seasonal changes. This is particularly true during the summer when strong meltemi winds can affect island hopping and mainland travel.

Day 6

Experience a whole new kind of island hopping on this adventure. You’ll cruise between islands in the Aegean Sea and discover how Turkish, Roman, and Greek cultures intertwined on this trip of discovery.

On Crete, linger over mezze in Chania and learn to cook Cretan dishes during a cooking class. Afterward, explore the island’s rural Vamos region by walking from village to village, sampling regional bites and sips along the way.

From sandy beaches to craggy coasts, Greece’s stunning landscape and millennia-old culture offer endless recreational opportunities. Sail to remote beaches, hike soaring cliffs, and step back in time among archaeological ruins.

Day 7

Stretch your legs after a long flight to Greece as your Adventure Guides handle check-in at this contemporary hotel. A group welcome dinner gives you a taste of local Greek cuisine. Meals are family style and include fish, meat, and pasta or rice entrees; soup and salad; and desserts and fruit.

The iconic islands of the Cyclades captivate with whitewashed villages and timeless lessons in history. Sail to crimson-colored volcanic beaches, hike along soaring cliffs on Naxos, and step back in time among the excavated ruins of Santorini. Whether you stroll narrow marble pathways laced with purple bougainvilleas or party at Super Paradise beach, you’ll see how the islands of the Cyclades pulsate with irrepressible energy.

Day 8

With careful planning and a willingness to be flexible, unforeseen surprises are part of the fun on island-hopping adventures in Greece. From understanding the different ferry services to crafting your ideal itinerary, each step contributes to an enriched travel experience.

Start your day with a refreshing Greek breakfast at M-eating before exploring the iconic Mykonos windmills and Little Venice, capturing the essence of this beautiful island. Then, indulge in a traditional lunch of local flavors at 1800 Restaurant. In the afternoon, stroll through quaint streets of Santorini to admire its beautiful architecture. Then, head to the Nea Kameni volcanic site to explore a sunken shipwreck and colorful reefs.

Day 9

Whether you’re paddling to crimson-colored beaches or hiking along soaring cliffs, Greece’s iconic landscapes and timeless villages enchant on this island-hopping adventure. In Athens, discover ancient monuments and gain insight into myth and fact on a guided tour of the Parthenon.

Keep up with ferry schedules and choose the best option for your island-hopping itinerary. Accurate timetables help you spend more time exploring the islands and less time in transit.

From the lush island of Naxos, where trails lead to secluded beaches and oak forests, to the otherworldly beauty of Milos with its 70 beaches, each destination captivates with its own story.