Best Places to Eat in Aegina, Greece

Best Places to eat in Aegina

The island is busier than Mykonos or Santorini but remains tolerable. It’s still easy to escape the crowds even during high season and enjoy everything from beautiful beaches to a wonderful church.

If you are a fan of goat’s milk, don’t miss out on visiting the dairy in picturesque Sfentouri or try their delicious risogalo (rice pudding sprinkled with cinnamon). They also make fantastic products from sheep and cow’s milk.

Karnagio Beach

Aegina Island is among the best cruise islands near Athens to relax on a sandy beach and enjoy some of Greece’s finest seafood at tavernas. You can also sample a variety of cocktails at the island’s quality beach bars.

If you want a modern gourmet experience, Kappos Etsi is one of the top restaurants in Aegina. Located behind the port in a stone building with a wine-coloured courtyard, chef Dimitris spins Greek classics into out of this world dishes like baked octopus and his signature kappos etsi pie stacked with feta, mince and parsley.

For authentic meze, try Nontas tavern in Perdika or Kriton Gefseis for musical meze and raki. Or enjoy a cocktail at Inn on the Beach, a perky seafront favourite close to Aegina Town, and feel the gentle spray of the setting sun ruffle your bare ankles. Afterwards, take in the spectacular Temple of Apollo, a knockout from 480 BC and part of the Sacred Triangle with the Parthenon in Athens.

Souvala Beach

There’s no shortage of beach-themed activities on Aegina, with the most frantic waterside action taking place on the east coast at the island’s major package holiday resort, Agia Marina. Here, you can take a banana ride or enjoy barbecued octopus in a waterfront taverna.

If you prefer to keep your feet dry, head a little farther south for Vagia’s exquisite sandy beach and secluded coves. Or, for a more laidback day, head to Marathon Beach, just a 10-minute drive from town, for umbrellas and sunbeds on an organized beach — though it doesn’t typically get very busy.

The island’s pristine Moni Beach is a short boat trip from Perdika, an idyllic village that captured the imagination of Kazantzakis. Arrive at sunset to watch the magical light bathe the harbor and the small church tucked away in its recesses. And don’t leave without sampling a plate of local cheese and pistachios. The latter are a speciality here (try the fresh, unsalted variety with whole pistachios)..

Agios Nektorios Church

Saint Nectarios of Aegina is one of the most famous Greek saints and has been known for working many miracles. He is a great spiritual counselor and confessor to many Greeks and many people from other countries have found healing through his prayers.

As a Metropolitan, Nectarios was loved and admired by the people for his purity of life, humility and service to others. His devotion to God and the church compelled him to become more active with his work. Unfortunately, this caused envy among other priests and they made false accusations that led to him being removed from his position.

This is when he started searching for a place to live in peace and quiet with no distractions. He ended up on the island of Aegina where he built a beautiful monastery and church. He is celebrated as a saint in the Orthodox Church and his feast day is November 9. Many of the pilgrims that visit Aegina around this time are here to celebrate.

Monastery of Agia Triada

Worlds away from the hedonistic whirl of Athens, Aegina retains its old school charm in its covered fish market and backstreet ouzeri (bars). Stop by Eakion to sample the local speciality – smoked pistachios – ahead of the island’s annual festival in September.

For a more upscale snack or drink, head to Posto, where you’ll be treated to generous servings of handmade pasta and Mediterranean cuisine. The restaurant is set in a hidden garden and also hosts art exhibitions from time to time.

In general, be respectful of the monks’ customs and etiquette when visiting any monastery. Greeting them and engaging in brief pleasant conversation is fine, but avoid distractions or disturbing them in their religious practices. And do not enter restricted areas like the monks’ quarters. Observing these simple rules will enhance your experience while showing respect to the monks and their church. Aegina Island is a beautiful cruise destination and these top places to eat and drink will make your stay here unforgettable.