Best Places to Eat in Sphacteria

Best Places to eat in Sphacteria

The bay of Gialova has seen many historical events, particularly during the Peloponnesian War. In 425 BC, it was the site of the Battle of Sphacteria.

After a bloody naval/land battle, the outnumbered Spartans were trapped on the rocky island of Sphacteria. An Athenian herald came to ask them if they would like to surrender. In normal circumstances, this request would have been met with contempt.

1. Thermopylae

Located in Lamia, Thermopylae is a narrow pass and modern town named for its hot springs. It was here that a few hundred Spartans made their famous last stand against the invading Persian army led by Xerxes in 480 BC. The Battle of Thermopylae changed the way generations of Greeks thought about combat, sacrifice, and courage.

The awe-inspiring battlefield is a must-see for any history buff, but you should visit the site as part of a larger tour of mainland Greece. You can add a stop at Thermopylae to any of our mainland tours by clicking here. It’s hard to imagine what the pass looked like in 480 BC, though—changes in sea level and seismic activity have added 20 metres to its height. The steep hills on either side are now grassy plains.

2. Thermopylae Beach

Thermopylae Beach is a dreamy destination with an outstanding restaurant that serves delicious meals at very fair prices. The menu features a successful blend of Greek and international cuisine. It also includes a number of grilled dishes and pizzas.

The site of one of the most famous battles in Greek history, fought in 480 BC when 300 Spartans bravely stood their ground against Xerxes’ vast army. There is a museum here and a monument of Leonidas. The mountain pass isn’t as narrow as it once was, but you can still feel the spirit of the place.

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3. Thermopylae Restaurant

Located near the Thermopylae battlefield, this restaurant serves traditional Greek food, such as souvlakia, burgers, and pasta dishes. The menu also includes vegetarian options. Prices are reasonable, and the restaurant is open for lunch and dinner.

Thermopylae is a small town in central Greece, where Leonidas and his 300 brave Spartans fought against the vast Persian army. Its name is derived from its hot springs, which were once believed to be gateways into Hades.

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4. Thermopylae Bar

Thermopylae Bar serves coffee, tea, juices, fresh salads and delicious burgers. The menu is also packed with Greek specialties such as Souvlakia and Befdeki with rice, green beans vegetables, Pommes frites and self-made Halva.

After the bloody naval/land battle at Pylos, the outnumbered Spartans retreated to the narrow island of Sphacteria. The Athenians seized the Spartans’ ships, leaving them stranded there.

Brasidas, recovered from his wounds at Pylos, hatched a plan to revenge the Athenian capture of Sphacteria and strike at the heart of the Athenian Empire. But to do so, he needed the island’s precious supplies of food and water.

5. Thermopylae Tavern

Thermopylae Tavern is a traditional Greek eatery. Located in the heart of Thermopylae village, it offers fresh produce and seafood. Its menu includes a variety of Mediterranean cuisine, including skewers, salads and grilled meats. It also serves wine, beer and other beverages.

Following the defeat at Pylos, Sparta was desperate for supplies for its troops stranded on Sphacteria. Initially, Demosthenes attempted to starve the Spartans out by blockading them from the mainland, but found that they could still receive food by freeing their helots and paying common Messenians to smuggle it to them.

However, the demagogue Cleon convinced the Athenians to scupper the peace negotiations and give him command of an expedition to storm Sphacteria before winter weather made sailing impossible. This was a critical moment in the Peloponnesian War.