Best Places to Eat in Samos

Best Places to eat in Samos

Samos is famous for its timeless villages, magnificent beaches and archaeological history. But discerning travellers and loyal locals also appreciate its excellent cuisine, which continues to evolve in new directions.

Try the stuffed goat at Manolates, and sample some of the island’s finest apples at the autumn apple festival. You can also shop for arty souvenirs at the local trinket shops.

Knife and Fork

The Knife and Fork Inn, founded in 1912, is a classic Atlantic City restaurant. It serves steaks and seafood and has an extensive wine list. It has a cozy, rustic atmosphere and is perfect for a romantic dinner.

When eating with a knife, hold it in your right hand (or left, for the lefties among us). Place the fork next to the knife, tines downward, and use it to scoop rice or other small foods. For larger items, place the fork closer to your knife and cut through with a sawing motion. Avoid stabbing at your food, as this can damage it. It’s also unsanitary and annoying to the people around you.

Two Spoons

Two Spoons offers a show-stopping blend of traditional recipes and trendy plant-based creations. It features menu ideas to create brunches, sweet assortments for afternoon tea parties, memorable dinners, and unforgettable charcuterie boards that all eaters will adore.

Hannah is a 2014 Public Relations program graduate, who has been creating phenomenal content for her impressive brand, Two Spoons. She recently released her cookbook, Two Spoons: French-inspired Vegan Recipes Worth Sharing. This book is perfect for anyone looking to cook healthier, and is a great gift for people who love to eat delicious food. Moreover, the restaurant has an extensive gluten free menu. It is also completely vegetarian and vegan friendly.

Cafe Del Mar

Cafe Del Mar is a world-renowned bar that is famous for its sunsets and music. Its music is ambient, which means it is designed to make people feel relaxed and happy. The bar has also released several compilation albums.

In Summer 2003, “Cafe del Mar – Volume Diez” came out, continuing the world renowned album series. It was compiled by Pedro Andreu (Heroes del Silencio drummer) and Luis Sancho aka Positive.

The bar has a cosy seating area and is very popular with tourists. The drinks are reasonably priced compared to other sunset bars. The service is also good. Guests can choose from indoor or outdoor seating.


Samos is one of the most fertile Greek islands. It’s also a major dairy producer; yoghurt and various types of pickled cheese have a uniquely rich taste on the island.

A taverna located right before Small Lemonakia beach, this place serves up authentic Greek dishes in an atmosphere with spectacular views of the sea. A wide variety of seafood recipes and traditional meat dishes are offered here. The prices are affordable too. The owners are pleasant and willing to accommodate any dietary preference. The wine list is extensive. This restaurant is a must-try! It’s the perfect place for a romantic dinner.

Casa di Roma

Featuring tasty cheesecakes and tiramisu, Casa di Roma also provides good prosecco. Its prompt service makes it a popular choice among guests. The restaurant is well-located and within walking distance of many tourist attractions.

The upscale Italian eatery was helmed by Nylah and her son Jeremy. They were hoping to capitalize on the area’s reputation for fine dining.

During his visit, Chef Ramsay was seated in a visibly battered booth, surrounded by old food remnants and dust coating the blinds. He ordered stuffed mushrooms, a Monte Cristo sandwich, and a medium Casa di Roma deluxe pizza. He was not impressed with the delivered dishes.


Meltemi is a coastal Mediterranean inspired lager that delivers sublime refreshment without compromising depth and nuance. Brewed with a base of Pilsner malt and a subtle blend of maize and jasmine rice, it is balanced by a delicate blend of German Perle and Alsatian Strisselspalt hops.

Melted-salted butter, seaweed and thyme add to the savory complexity of this beer.

While strong summer winds like the meltemi have a bad reputation among the inexperienced, they can be exhilarating for experienced sailors. In fact, master mariner Julian Blatchley has detailed in his blog ways to enjoy the power of the meltemi. He also includes tips on how to sail safely in these conditions.