Gastronomic Odyssey – Culinary Adventures on Greek Island Ferries

Gastronomic Odyssey Culinary Adventures on Greek Island Ferries

While strange foods may make you squirm, they’re testaments to the incredible diversity of global cuisines. Embark on your own international tasting adventure, exploring culinary oddities while learning the history behind each dish.

Crete is a treasure trove for foodies, from its unique recipes to its heartwarming hospitability. Visit a countryside pistachio farm and sample the island’s cheeses.


Immerse yourself in the heart of the Greek culinary scene on this gastronomic tour. From humble tavernas to refined dining establishments, each meal on this 10-day odyssey reflects the soul of Greece and its ancient traditions.

Begin your journey in Athens, where you’ll enjoy a taste of the city from an insider’s perspective. Sample craft beers and beloved street foods—koulouri, spanakopita, and more—paired with delicious wines, as you uncover the vibrant culinary scene of Athens.

Throughout this enchanting experience, your guide will take you to hidden culinary gems that only locals know about. Stroll along Spice Street and explore a shop with an array of spices and herbs, then indulge in a cream-filled phyllo pastry from a family-run bakery. Visit the Central Market to taste olive oils and meet small producers, as well as taverns and traditional restaurants in charismatic neighborhoods.

After a day of tasting, head to a local farm where you’ll be welcomed like family as you get an insight into the authentic life of the Greek people and their cuisine. Take part in a hands-on cooking class and learn how to prepare a variety of traditional dishes, including souvlaki, tzatziki, and baklava. Then, indulge in a homemade lunch while listening to folklore and hearing stories about the origins of these recipes. During your trip, your accommodations will be in boutique hotels in Athens and Tinos, and on the ferry between these destinations.


The pristine waters and vibrant culture of Corfu invite you to indulge your senses on this exciting culinary adventure. Enjoy a unique cultural tapestry in Corfu as you immerse yourself in the local cuisine and enjoy hands-on cooking workshops and food festivals. From fresh seafood along the coastline to hearty mountain fare, the island offers a feast for the senses.

The slow pace of Greek island ferries means that patience pays off as you gaze at islands and seascapes on the horizon and meet local people. It also means that ferry cancellations present an opportunity to check out a beach everyone on the bus raved about or stop at the roadside shrine someone else on the tour mentioned.

Your Culinary Backstreets guide, Dora ten Arve, and her mother Katerina, will introduce you to the many facets of traditional Greek cuisine in your four cooking classes with them. Both have trained and worked in cooking, catering and hospitality management in Holland, Germany and London. They are passionate about the heritage and history of Greek cuisine and are fluent in four languages.


Athens may have its share of awe-inspiring archaeological sites, but there’s plenty more to do on the Greek islands. Embark on an island-hopping adventure to discover rich history and majestic scenery – as well as delectable cuisine. From lazily whiling away a day on a remote beach to sailing through sapphire-colored waters, it’s an experience that’ll excite your senses and delight your palate.

From Sifnos’ traditional dishes to Crete’s Mediterranean flavors and Santorini’s signature cuisine, each island is a culinary treasure trove that’ll tantalize your taste buds. Stay connected to your journey with an eSIM card for Greece, which will let you seamlessly share your culinary adventures on social media as you travel from one island to the next.

Embark on an eight-day Greek island-hopping adventure for a true gastronomic odyssey. Begin in Athens, where you’ll do wine tasting under the Acropolis and visit an authentic neighborhood for a unique perspective on life in the city. Then, hop on a ferry to Milos for postcard-worthy villages and secluded coves before traveling to Naxos for an authentic Greek cooking class. Finally, cap off your trip on the teeny island of Lesvos, where lemon-roasted cod and grilled squid abound. And of course, a trip to Greece wouldn’t be complete without sampling some of the country’s most famous ouzo.


The azure sea, endless horizon, and archipelagoes of ancient glory may have you envisioning yourself as a Greek warrior on the return journey from Troy or a swashbuckling pirate in Zorba the Greek. But you don’t need a million-dollar yacht to sail the Mediterranean, and one of the most affordable ways to do so is by ferry. Ferries offer a sense of adventure, a chance to gaze at islands dotted along the way and the opportunity to talk to fellow passengers about their own travels.

Corfu’s culinary and cultural narratives unfold through a variety of immersive experiences. Embark on a food and culture tour in the island’s old town, a UNESCO world heritage site. Indulge in a gastronomic feast and learn about the fusion of traditional Corfiot cuisine with Italian and Venetian influences.

Corfu’s culinary scene has become a cosmopolitan and modern hub, and the city hosts a range of festivals and events throughout the year that celebrate local produce. The festival is a platform for chefs to demonstrate their skills and share traditional recipes. The festival also pays tribute to the island’s rich Jewish heritage. Chefs from the Corfu Chefs Club and State Vocational Training Institute of Tourism will prepare dishes from recipes that were popular in the villages around Capodistrias’ time, as well as a dish of the island’s Jewish community.