Ferry Rides and Sunsets – The Perfect Combo in the Greek Islands

Ferry Rides and Sunsets The Perfect Combo in the Greek Islands

Greek islands are famous the world over as magnificent summer vacation destinations. Whether you are looking for the perfect combination of archaeological sites and contemporary adventures or simply wish to enjoy sunsets, these irresistible island-hopping itineraries by ferry offer just that.

Start your adventure in Naxos, where a mix of beach resorts and sophisticated gastronomic outposts awaits you. Then, add a touch of spirituality with a visit to Meteora’s mystical Pillars of the Sky.


The picture-perfect little harbor of Naoussa epitomizes the sought-after Greek Island vibe. While it has become a popular destination for luxury yachts and restaurants, it still retains its local charm with a mix of fishing boats and pretty white-washed houses. The sheltered bay makes it one of the most beautiful spots on Paros to watch a stunning sunset, with the sky melting from deep blue to burnt orange. The old Venetian castle in the port is a great place to enjoy the view, or you can stroll around the charming streets and alleyways to explore the quaint churches and eateries.

Naoussa is renowned for its food scene, with every corner taken over by tables as locals dine out. From gyros stalls to top-notch restaurants, you can find something here for every taste and budget. Be sure to try the coffee, which is arguably some of the best on the island.

The town also boasts some of the most luxurious beaches on the island, with Kolymbithres being a particularly popular spot. It’s also easy to get to, with a water taxi or scheduled buses taking you straight from the main port. Be sure to leave enough time in your itinerary for a stop at this picturesque beach! It’s the perfect spot to take some amazing pictures of the bay and the dazzling white cliffs that rise up from it.


A trip to Mykonos isn’t complete without watching the sun go down in one of this island’s stunning spots. Whether you’re relaxing in a luxury hotel, on your own private beach, or at a laid-back restaurant, the sunsets in Mykonos are unforgettable.

To make the most of this spectacular event, take a sunset boat trip off the coast of Mykonos. This experience provides the perfect way to unwind while you savor a delicious selection of snacks and drinks onboard. The onboard indulgence complements the breathtaking scenery of the emerald sea and picturesque islands, creating a gratifying atmosphere.

The Old Port of Mykonos in Chora is the main departure point for ferries, and there is also the New Ferry Port in Tourlos. If you’re arriving at the New Port, be sure to arrange your transfer ahead of time. Most hotels in Mykonos will offer a shuttle service to pick you up from the ferry or airport, and this can save you a lot of hassle.

For a truly unique and memorable experience, try a sunset cruise on a yacht. This is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to see the enchanting beauty of Greece’s stunning islands. Guests can relax on the deck, sip cocktails, and watch the sun set over the beautiful water. Many of the tours also include food, so you can have a full meal and wine to savor while you sail off to see Mykonos’ beautiful coast or the ancient ruins of Delos.


Santorini is one of the most iconic islands in the world. A sunset cruise gives you a unique perspective of the island from above and is a must do activity. The boat will sail under the Caldera and the Captain will take you to the best spot to enjoy the sunset. Be sure to bring your cameras and enjoy the amazing view. As the sun goes down you can indulge in a delicious buffet dinner on board. This dinner includes pork or chicken fillets, Greek salad, stuffed vine leaves and unlimited soft drinks and famous Santorini wine.

Aside from the amazing sunset experience, the boat will also visit a few more sights like the hot springs and a secluded beach. Some tours even include a stop at Thirassia, a small inhabited island that was separated from Santorini when the volcano exploded.

Whether you want to see just one or two islands on your trip, or you are looking for a full-on Greek Island hopping itinerary, the Cyclades have excellent inter-island ferry connections. With a little bit of planning, it is easy to arrange a great Greek Island hopping holiday that makes the most out of your time in Greece! Just make sure to check the ferry schedules and book tickets in advance to avoid any disappointments. For your convenience, Ferryhopper offers a variety of ticket options including multi-destination passes, refundable tickets, and flexible dates.


Strewn across the azure seas of the Aegean, Greece’s Cyclades comprise 39 islands. From the famous Santorini to the all-night dance clubs of Mykonos, the complex’s islands host something for every traveler. While some of the larger islands like Santorini and Mykonos boast international airports, many are not, so taking a ferry is the most popular way to reach the islands in the summertime. Ferries from Piraeus – the largest and main port of the Greek capital – operate all year round yet they get extra busy in the summertime with itineraries being added to serve the influx of visitors.

Aim to buy your tickets online before you leave home – the queues on the day of departure can be quite long and it’s easy to miss your boat! Once aboard, sit back and enjoy the ride! Many ferries have onboard cafes and restaurants serving food and drinks, plus most offer play areas for kids.

With its whitewashed houses and cobblestone streets dotted with pink bougainvillea flowers, Naxos is the perfect island for those seeking serenity and romance. Watching the amber sun set over the azure waters of Naxos on a private sunset boat tour is one of the best ways to make memories to last a lifetime.