Ferry and Flora – Exploring the Botanical Beauties of Greek Islands

Ferry and Flora Exploring the Botanical Beauties of Greek Islands

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A short ferry ride from Mykonos lands you on Tinos, an ancient isle enjoying a renaissance. During your visit, take a stroll through the village and admire its white streets adorned with bougainvillea.


Sailing into Gialos harbor on the island of Symi in the Dodecanese Islands chain is like sailing into a picture-perfect postcard. With its white houses and cliffs plunging into the sky-blue sea, this Aegean island is a must for anyone looking to explore nature’s beauty in Greece.

The island is characterized by its natural beauty, with lush green hills and beautiful beaches that are a pleasure to swim in. It is also home to historic landmarks and traditional culture. Visitors can visit the monastery of Evangelistria and explore archeological sites and museums on the island.

Aside from its picturesque landscapes, Lesbos is also known for its impressive mansions that once belonged to the wealthy merchants and captains of its ports. The two and three-storey buildings feature a mix of styles, including elements of European Neoclassicism. The coloured plaster, decorative motifs, gable roofs, and iron balconies give the houses their unique character.

Kefalonia, another of the prettiest Eastern Aegean islands, is an ideal destination for a relaxed getaway. The island is home to charming villages that spill out from terraced cliffs, as well as spectacular beaches and underground grottoes. It’s easy to explore the island by renting a car or taking a bus or ferry ride.


Symi is a tiiiiny Greek island, but it’s packed with crayon-like mansions and breathtaking views. The port alone is a sight to behold!

Symis is a popular day trip from Rhodes, but it’s worth staying a few nights to explore the beautiful beaches and quaint old streets. It’s a great place for history buffs to explore the surviving ancient Pelasgian walls and other local heritage sites.

A must-see attraction is Pedi Beach, which is a short walk from the town center. This secluded beach offers crystal clear waters and picturesque rock formations. It’s the perfect place to relax and unwind.

The streets in Symi are dotted with cozy taverns, shops and homestays. It’s also a great place to observe local events and traditions, such as music festivals and saint celebrations.

The best time to visit Symi is during the shoulder seasons of spring and early autumn. This is when the weather is pleasant without being excessively warm. It’s also when you’ll find the least crowds. If you’re planning on visiting in summer, you should avoid the peak months of July and August, as it can be unbearably hot and humid.


Livadia, or Livadeia as it is sometimes referred to in Greek, is a town in central Greece with a rich history that dates back to antiquity. Today, it offers visitors a unique opportunity to experience both natural beauty and local culture, making this destination a hidden treasure of the country.

Visitors to Livadia can enjoy a variety of outdoor activities, including exploring the area’s stunning natural springs and visiting its historical landmarks. The town also boasts a number of cozy coffee shops and tavernas that offer a chance to taste some of the region’s famous cuisine.

To make the most of your visit to Livadia, it’s a good idea to plan ahead and research the area’s key attractions. It is also advisable to dress appropriately, with both men and women being encouraged to wear clothing that covers their shoulders and knees when exploring historical sites. In addition, a hat, sunglasses, and sunscreen are recommended to protect visitors from the intense sun in Livadia.

With a well-connected transportation network, Livadia is easy to reach from major destinations throughout the country, making it an ideal getaway option for both tourists and locals. The best time to visit Livadia is from spring through autumn, when the temperatures are mild and pleasant for enjoying the area’s natural wonders and cultural heritage.


The Aegean island of Tilos is the ideal destination for nature lovers. It has an impressive rocky landscape, crystal beaches, walnuts and olive trees. It also has a large variety of wild flowers, herbs and trees. The vivid colors of the flowers and plants are mesmerizing, particularly during spring and autumn.

This small and serene island is a real hidden gem that offers tourists an authentic experience away from the crowds of the other bigger Dodecanese islands. Its villages and pristine beaches are perfect for those who want to escape the modern way of life. Its natural beauty and its rich history make it one of the most beautiful Greek islands. We talked with the Mayor of Tilos, Maria Kamma-Aliferi, to learn more about the island’s unique character.

We were impressed by the island’s dedication to preserving its culture, traditions and natural environment. It is a green island that has pioneered self-sufficiency in the area of green energy. It also has a strong social awareness and respect for the individuality of each person.

The best time to visit the island is between May and October. During this period the weather is warm and sunny, while the sea is calm. Moreover, you can enjoy a variety of activities such as hiking and cycling. In addition, you can visit the historic monastery of Saint Panteleimon. The monastery is located on the slope of a hill among age-old plane and chestnut trees and overlooks the sea.