Best Places to Eat in Zakynthos

Zakynthos offers its visitors a unique experience of gourmet food with spectacular views and the best hospitality. This island will impress you with its natural beauty, sapphire-blue water and secluded beaches.

Enjoy a fine dining experience at Fiore, a luxury restaurant that serves high-end Greek cuisine. You can choose between seafood, meat and vegetable-based dishes paired with refreshing drinks and jaw-dropping sunsets.

Porto Azzurro

Porto Azzurro is a popular choice for families, couples, and solo travellers. The menu features a variety of delicious Mediterranean dishes and Sicilian specialities. The prices are reasonable and the food is very tasty.

The town of Porto Azzurro is situated within a deep inlet of the Gulf of Mola. It is dominated by the impressive Spanish fortress of San Giacomo, on top of which the town was built. The area also houses the Sanctuary of Monserrato.


The restaurant’s menu is filled with creative Greek cuisine dishes. The interior is cosy and has a relaxing ambiance that creates an enjoyable dining experience.

Paporo Beach Bar & Restaurant is located on the beach of Alykes and offers a wide range of fresh fish plates and traditional Zakynthian food based on Grandma’s recipe book. The establishment is open throughout the day and has great views of the water.

This beautiful garden restaurant has an excellent menu that includes seafood pasta, sirloins, and salmon. The prices are quite reasonable.


Paolo is a charmingly buzzy 50-seat scratch-kitchen with a core menu of refreshed Italian-American, Mediterranean and seasonal New England recipes reflecting Boston-based chef Paul Delios’ 40-year career. Pizza crust and pasta combos shine bright here!

As part of the Lost and Found Operation, Bicho will ask you to find Paolo. He will give you three separate markers for resorts where he suspects he’s being held. Fast travel to the middle one, and enter. You should hear muffled screams.


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The restaurant serves a variety of entrees and appetizers, as well as a specialty bar. Its prices are reasonable, and it is convenient to pick up a meal on the way to work.

Taverna Varkarola

Taverna Varkarola is a restaurant in the area of Dionysios Solomos Square. This restaurant offers Greek and Mediterranean cuisines. Its menu includes perfectly cooked sea bream and greek salads. This place also serves great parfait. The staff is friendly and the service is efficient. Prices are low.

It has amazing panoramic views. This is a unique location that you can enjoy for lunch, dinner or a cocktail with friends. You can even relax on the terrace and enjoy a jaw-dropping sunset view.

Paporo Beach Bar & Restaurant

Located in the heart of Alykanas, this restaurant serves a variety of traditional Greek dishes at a great price. The menu also includes a wide selection of wines and desserts. Memories is a great option if you are celebrating an event while on vacation.

Paporo Beach Bar & Restaurant is located on the stunning Alykes beach. It offers a variety of meals and drinks, including fresh fish plates and traditional Zakynthian cuisine based on Grandma’s recipe book.


Located between vineyards and fruit trees in Koliomenos, this tavern serves some of the best Greek food on the island. The menu is small but everything is delicious! The prices are reasonable.

The menu here includes both traditional and contemporary Greek flavors. Standout dishes include the grilled cuttlefish in a garlicky Verdea wine sauce and the pan-fried squid coated with sesame seeds.

Be sure to go early to Navagio Beach to avoid crowds and to watch the sunset. It is a 20-minute walk uphill from the town center.


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