Best Places to Eat in Icaria

Best Places to eat in Icaria

Ikaria is a peaceful island home to exquisite gastronomy. Its dishes emphasize the simplicity of very healthy ingredients.

Ikaria is also famous for being one of the five Blue Zones in the world. Its residents are characterized by their warm hospitality. They live without stress and are optimistic about life.

1. MaryMary

Located next to the hot springs MaryMary is a nice, cozy restaurant that offers delicious food. It combines traditional recipes with successful innovations and gourmet touches.

Ikarians are experienced fishermen both professional and amateur and many of them catch on their own the seafood they consume. Therefore, fish is a staple at local taverns.

The Ikarians typically have a late lunch and then take an afternoon nap, a practice also followed by long-lived cultures and creatures throughout the world. This helps them maintain a relaxed and stress free lifestyle.

Moreover, Ikarians enjoy their meals with family and friends in the tavernas of the island. Among the best restaurants on Icaria are Thea’s in Armenistis, Anna’s in Nas and Mia Zoi Pita for great local pies in Livadi.

2. Thea’s

Icaria is a beautiful island with wonderful beaches. It is also home to many restaurants and bars. Here you can find many delicious Greek foods and drinks. It is a great place to visit with your family and friends. It is recommended to book a table in advance as it can get very busy.

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3. Anna’s

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4. Mia Zoi Pita

Ikarians are experienced fisherman both professional and amateur, often catching much of the seafood they consume. They also raise livestock and have year-round gardens of fruits, vegetables, herbs, beans and nuts.

The Ikarian diet is famous around the world, with experts atributing the island’s longevity to its unique recipes and cooking techniques. Enjoy these at local tavernas, where garden produce, seasonal meats and seafood are the foundation of the delicious meals.

Mia Zoi Pita is a standard Mediterranean restaurant, but it has one big superpower: its backyard. This is a place to relax, enjoy the views and the sound of sea breezes. The food is good and the service is very friendly. Many people come here to eat tasty cheese and spinach pies, peinirli, pizzas and coffees.

5. Sto gialo kanei

Sto gialo kanei fourtouna is a lovely choice for those who are searching for Greek dishes with slightly tweaked flavors. The restaurant is situated on a charming cobbled square with trees in the village of Agios Dimitrios. The local pies with greens and the grilled sardines are the most popular picks at this place. Guests can also try the trahanoto (made with trahana – a kind of Greek rustic pasta) and the meat balls.

The place is a real delight for all the senses, it offers a very pleasant atmosphere, delicious food and good wine. You can even enjoy a nice sunset there. So, it is one of the best places to eat in Icaria. The tavern is open from midday to midnight. It is worth visiting.