Best Places to Eat in Sifnos

Sifnos has a distinct chapter in Greek gastronomy. Taste mizithra, mastelo and revithada on your visit!

Apollonia’s Steno is dotted with chic boutiques and delicious eateries. Stop at Cantina for a dinner of hyper-local cuisine. Chef-owner Giorgos Samoilis strikes a balance between rustic finesse and modern Greek eating with top-drawer local ingredients.

1. Limanaki Fish Tavern

In this small taverna along the beach of Platys Gialos, grilled fish and fresh salads take center stage. Its menu is augmented by a handful of meze and desserts made from traditional Greek ingredients, including the island’s famous honey pie.

It’s well worth the drive from Apollonia to this taverna, a cliff-top spot that overlooks the island’s most secluded bay. Here, a few dishes exemplify Sifnos’s strong culinary tradition: revithokeftedes (fried chickpea balls) and kaparosalata (caper salad), which is cooked to a chutney-like consistency with onion and peppers.

A homage to Nikolaos Tselementes, the author of a seminal Greek cookbook, this taverna is named for its koulouki oven. It serves up hearty fare like mastelo Sifnian stewed lamb, pastotsio Greek lasagne and bifteki grilled meatballs. All the while, you can soak up the sun and the heavenly scent of thyme flowers from a terrace covered in the aromatic plant. The food at this contemporary Greek taverna on popular resort beach Platys Gialos is linked to chef and owner Alexandros Narlis’s roots. Ingredients are sourced from his family’s farm near Apollonia, and Alex draws on skills honed at London restaurants to offer a modern twist on traditional recipes.

2. Tsapis Tavern

Located on Platis Yalos, this beach tavern has a beautiful location next to the sea. It has tamarisks for shade and specialises in casserole dishes. It also offers fresh salads, well-cooked appetizers and grilled meat, fish and seafood. The restaurant is a must-try for the traditional revithada of Sifnos and for loukoumades (fried chick pea balls covered in honey).

This tavern has a stunning view over Kamares Beach and is one of the best spots on the island to watch the sunset. Its menu is rich in seafood, notably the grilled scallops, which are cooked with lemon and garlic. It is also recommended to try their lemon and garlic linguine, the sashimi and the rocket salad with figs and Sifnian cheese. They also serve their own version of bruschetta and the spit-roasted lamb skewers are amazing! The restaurant is known as a family-run business and they have an excellent customer service. Their prices are very reasonable.

3. Margarita Tavern

Margarita Tavern is a family owned restaurant that is serving a wide range of Greek dishes. The food is prepared fresh and served with local wine or souma. The restaurant has a fun and laid back atmosphere that is great for families. The food is also very well priced.

The menu includes a variety of appetizers, soups, salads, and entrees. It also features a wide selection of margaritas, which can be served frozen or on the rocks. The drinks are made with fresh fruit and other ingredients, which adds to their taste.

The restaurant is located at 19201 Frederick Rd in Germantown. It takes over the space that was previously occupied by the Fraternal Order of Eagle #3509 and Captain Mori’s Seafood House. It will join Mi Rancho (19725 Germantown Rd), Senor Tequila’s (20021 Century Blvd), and Abi Azteca (15142 Middlebrook Rd) as places to grab a margarita in the neighborhood.

4. NOS Restaurant

Located near the fishermen’s pier in a former clubhouse (the name means “club house” in Dutch), Nos Restaurant serves up amazing platters of barbecue fish. At $15 per person one can enjoy a meal of grilled fish steak, chicken skewers and ribs with French fries and a salad. The view of the boats in the harbor and live music add to the experience. The food is excellent and the service is superb.

The menu is very extensive, with everything from pasta and soups to seafood, chicken, and steak. They also serve brunch and dinner, but the lunch menu is particularly good. Try their roasted chicken sandwich or the spinach omelette with kabocha squash, you won’t be disappointed. The drinks are also excellent and reasonably priced.