Best Places to Eat in Antikythera, Greece

The secluded island of Antikythera was the site of one of the most significant archaeological discoveries of recent times – the mysterious Antikythera Mechanism, built between 150 and 100 BC. The find is now proudly exhibited at the National Archaeological Museum in Athens.

This untouched 20 sq km island features isolated sand and pebble beaches, ancient walking paths, and cute country chapels. The rich flora and fauna are sure to thrill nature lovers.

1. Panigiri

Panigiri is a centuries-old traditional and cultural festival organized during the summer in island communities and mainland Greek villages in honor of their local patron saint. The event combines religious tradition and socialization with a festive atmosphere of good music, food, wine and dancing.

On the islands, especially on the biggest religious holiday of the year, Dekapentavgoustos or August 15th, a panigyri becomes an all-day event featuring a church service in the morning and then a feast around a temple later in the day. In Emporio, Nisyros, for example, the main panigyri is held in a charming mountain village where strangers sit together at large tables where they spend hours eating, drinking and dancing together.

Other panigyri are inspired by a particular product, such as honey, olive oil or graviera cheese. Throughout the summer, you can attend many panigyri across the island of Crete where you’ll experience a unique Cretan way of partying. Indulge in delicious local food, a plethora of wine and endless dances.

2. Hoocut

Located in the heart of Athens near the Metropolitan Cathedral, this stylish rooftop haunt serves up all-day global eats and cocktails with a 360o city view. Ciel Rooftop is a great option for a laid-back brunch, cocktail or dinner with friends.

The tiny Greek island of Antikythera is world-famous for two things: its pristine, secluded beauty and as the discovery place of one of the oldest analog computers in history, the Antikythera Mechanism, which was built between 150 and 100 BC. It’s just a two-hour ferry ride from Crete, and it’s a major stopover for migratory birds.

With only a handful of residents, life on the island can be challenging if the supply boat doesn’t arrive—but it’s well worth the effort to explore its ancient streets and refuel at traditional tavernas. The secluded, untouched landscape is also a great destination for hikers and bird-watchers. The Antikythera Mechanism is just one of the many treasures to be discovered on this unique island.

3. Diporto

With its secluded rocky beaches, hidden caves and ancient paths, Antikythera is the perfect spot to get away from it all. Its low hills are adorned with picturesque country chapels and medieval villages with flowered courtyards, but it’s the wild nature of this island that makes it truly special.

There are only 45 permanent residents on the island, and they’re mostly elderly. In summer, however, the island gets livelier as visitors or people with roots on the island return to spend their vacations. Despite the small population, there are two cafe-groceries and one kafeneion that functions as a social hub.

At Diporto, you can enjoy the simple island life while enjoying grilled sardines, bean soup and greek salads. To pair with your meal, order a glass of the house white – a cloudy retsina infused with pine resin. Retsina is traditionally ordered by the kilo (a quarter, half or a full), and served in aluminum wine jugs.

4. The Stanley Hotel

As far as accommodations go, the Stanley Hotel is known for its historic charm and unique character. But it also offers a wide range of modern amenities, including 42-inch HDTVs, free Wi-Fi, and seven Tesla supercharge stations. The hotel also features a variety of room sizes and views, from standard rooms to spacious suites.

The hotel’s most famous suite, the Stephen King Suite, earned its name after King spent a night here in 1974 and used the experience as inspiration for his novel The Shining. The suite features a new king-size bed and furnishings, as well as a whirlpool tub.

The Stanley Hotel also hosts a number of events and experiences for its guests, from boutique weekend concerts to culinary collaborations with local chefs. The hotel is also home to the 517 Club, an exclusive locals-only membership program named for the area’s famous 80517 zip code that gives members discounts on food and beverage at Cascades Restaurant and the iconic Whiskey Bar.