Best Places to Eat in Pserimos

Pserimos is a small island that is renowned for its beautiful beaches and rich culture. Visitors can enjoy swimming in the crystal-clear waters and exploring the island’s traditional villages. They can also sample the local cuisine, including grilled octopus and goat (grilled or stew).

The best place to start is at the family-owned taverna Manolas. Its owner raises his own animals and produces his own cheese and olive oil.


The port and village of Avlakia is the heart of Pserimos. Here you will find rooms to rent, a few tavernas, and the single supermarket on the entire island. The main beach curves around the center of town, and it gets crowded in summer with sailing boats and day-trippers from Kos and Kalymnos.

You can also hike on the mapped paths that span out across the island, enjoying sweeping views to Kos and the Turkish coast. There are also several rocky and sandy beaches on the northern and eastern sides of the island, which boast crystal clear waters.

Try some of the traditional Greek dishes, including grilled octopus and fried calamari, and wash it down with a bottle of local wine or beer. You should also make sure to try a serving of moussaka, which is made with layers of eggplant, minced meat, and bechamel sauce. You can get the best quality food in Avlakia at Manolas taverna, which is owned by a family that raises its own animals and fishes its own seafood.


If you are looking for a place to have a good time with friends or family, this is the perfect place. It offers an extensive draft beer list and bar food. It is also located close to the beach.

For a tasty lunch or dinner, head to Marathontas. This taverna serves Greek-style dishes, including salads and fresh fish. Its owner raises his own animals, produces his own cheese and olive oil, and catches much of the seafood he serves. The taverna also serves delicious capers, which are grown on the island’s cliffs. The capers are a key ingredient in many of the taverna’s salads. The restaurant is not very crowded and the service is friendly. The food is reasonably priced. The taverna has a great view of the sea.


The main port of Ithaca, Vathy is a charming harbor town with traditional houses. The best time to visit Vathy is during the summer months from June to September when it is warm and sunny. The streets are lively, but it is not overcrowded with tourists.

Along the waterfront and on a charming square, you’ll find plenty of tavernas that serve fresh seafood. The Kohili restaurant is especially good, offering a variety of dishes with a modern twist.

Another great option is the Sirines restaurant, which serves dishes inspired by the mythological Sirens. The food is delicious, and the restaurant is located right by the water, so you can watch the boats sail in and the fishermen work. The restaurant is a great choice for a romantic dinner or family outing. The atmosphere is very laid back and the service is excellent. If you’re looking for a quieter experience, try visiting during the shoulder seasons from April to May or September to October.


Despite its small size, Pserimos has tavernas, cafes and mini markets. In addition, it offers a variety of activities, such as hiking on the island’s mapped paths and swimming in its crystal clean waters.

The most popular beach on the island is Glistra, which has white sand and red cliffs. Its crowning glory is the tiny chapel of Panagia Grafiotissa. Another beautiful beach is Marathonda, which is surrounded by hills covered with purple flowering thyme.

The main port of Pserimos is Avlakia, where ferries from Kalymnos and Kos arrive. The islands are connected throughout the year, with ferry tickets available at the ports of departure. Pserimos also has a settlement where you can rent rooms and some travelers choose to camp in more secluded areas of the island. There are no cars on the island, and most trips are made on foot or by sea taxi. Those who wish to explore more beaches can take a boat trip to the neighboring Plati, which is a popular destination for snorkeling.