Best Places to Eat in Lipsi

A castaway island untouched by mass tourism, Lipsi is a paradise of tranquillity. Spend your days swimming in gin-clear waters, hiking to hilltop chapels and dining in simple tavernas.

Whether you’re enjoying grilled seafood at Kalypso or mouthwatering gyros at Steki Tou Stamatis, lip-smacking cuisine is abundant on this little slice of heaven.

Yiannis Restaurant

Located in Chatham, New York, Yiannis Restaurant is a great place to dine. This family-owned establishment has a warm atmosphere and friendly service. The menu includes a wide variety of dishes at democratic prices. Some of the most popular items include fried calamari, artichoke french, ravioli, and grilled octopus. The restaurant also offers a variety of drinks, including coffee and tea.

The owners are from Greece, and have been in the restaurant business for a long time. They have many loyal customers and are known for their excellent food and hospitality. The restaurant has been featured on Kitchen Nightmares and has a high customer rating.

The owners have had a lot of ups and downs in their restaurant career, but they have never given up. They were even able to survive a devastating fire. The owners’ mother, Eleni Bakolas, would be proud of the way they have rebuilt their restaurant. She loved people and always remembered their names.

Steki Tou Stamatis

The restaurant taverna Steki Tou Stamatis offers a large menu of choices that are curated in a special way by the chef Manolis Chiras. The dishes of meat include lamb with potatoes and lemon juice, suckling pig with honey and thyme, and local buffalo. There is also a variety of fish and traditional mezes.

The taverna is a small place, but it is very popular among tourists and locals. Its food is fresh and delicious. It also has a large selection of wine. The owners of the taverna are very friendly and helpful.

In addition to gyros, souvlaki, and sandwiches, the taverna offers other Greek foods such as eggplant rools with cheese, saganaki, greek salad Pefko, mousaka, peppers stuffed with cheese, and more. In addition, the taverna serves soft drinks, coffee, and homemade desserts. The restaurant also has an ouzeri in the square, which is always crowded. The prices are very reasonable. This is a good choice for families and couples.

Manolis’ Tastes

At first glance, Manolis’ Tastes looks like a typical family-run Greek tavern. The restaurant’s large dining area is clad in wood and brick with various old-fashioned drawings and paintings on the walls. However, it’s the food that makes this place a true hidden gem. The menu offers a diverse array of traditional Mediterranean dishes that pay homage to the region’s rich culinary heritage. From tangy tzatziki to perfectly grilled kebabs, this restaurant is sure to delight your senses.

The restaurant serves fresh, bold flavors and local products from scratch. The menu includes delicious seafood and Greek salads as well as hearty pasta dishes and roasted meats. The staff is also incredibly friendly and the atmosphere is warm and inviting.

If you’re craving a sweet treat, try one of their homemade European-style desserts or ice creams. They also serve a range of drinks and coffees. You can choose to eat inside the restaurant or outdoors on their beautiful balcony overlooking the countryside.

Angela’s Cafe

Angela’s Cafe is a small, cheerful restaurant crafting traditional Mexican dishes hailing from Puebla. This is a go-to spot for brunch and lunch, and the ambiance is warm and inviting. You can enjoy your favorite drinks here including sangrias. The food is very delicious and the service is excellent.

Start with fresh guacamole, served in the molcajete it was made in, then savor dishes like Taco Arabe—flour tortillas filled with silky pork and sweet onions in adobo sauce. The signature mole is a glossy reddish-brown gravy with deep flavor you can’t quite put your finger on. Other dishes feature salsa verde, chilaquiles and tamales. The staff is sweet and helpful in navigating the huge menu.

Many items on the menu are naturally gluten-free, but check with your server if you have any concerns. For dessert, try flan de chocolate Mexicano or crepas con dulce de leche. Located on 1012 Bennington St in Orient Heights, Angela’s Cafe is an excellent choice for lunch or dinner.