Skopelos – Where Mamma Mia! Was Filmed

The original Mamma Mia film put the lush Greek island of Skopelos and the mainland’s Pelion region on the map. Now visitors come to see the picturesque settings where the movie was filmed.

Glysteri Beach on Skopelos’ northern shore was used for scenes where Sophie reads her mother’s diary and also for Our Last Summer. It’s a popular beach with a busy beach cafe, plenty of sun-beds and throbbing music in high season.

Mount Delphi

The movie is a musical comedy with ABBA songs that tells an enchanting tale of love, friendship, and family. With a large cast, non-stop laughs, and explosive dance numbers, it’s an unforgettable theatre experience.

Skopelos stood in for the fictional island of Kalokairi in the film and was a key location for many scenes, especially those set at the beach. During production, the cast and crew stayed in hotels in Skopelos, including Skopelos Village Hotel, Prince Stafylos Hotel, Adrina Hotel, and others. Alternatively, they rented villas around the island or the town of Damouchari on the Pelion Peninsula. Locals still talk about the movie and often mention which bars and restaurants they frequented during shooting.

Other famous spots include the rocky peninsula in Nisi Glisteri where Sophie sends her three dads wedding invitations and the idyllic sailing scene shot at Cape Amarandos, a spectacular cape on Skopelos’ eastern edge with hidden coves and rocky swimming spots. Kastani beach is also famous for appearing in the movie and it’s a popular destination today, offering a beautiful setting, clear water, and a party atmosphere.

If you’d like to visit the filming locations on Skopelos and Skiathos, it’s easy enough to do with a guided Mamma Mia Tour Skopelos. You’ll spend a full day visiting the film sites by coach and enjoy lunch and time to swim at the beach.

Cape Amarandos

The rocky cape of Cape Amarandos in northern Skopelos is the setting for many of the film’s sailing scenes, where Sophie and her dads sing ABBA hits like Our Last Summer. It has several hidden coves where you can swim, and its cliffs offer spectacular views.

The film’s wedding scene was filmed at the astonishing church of Agios Ioannis in Kastri, located about an hour from Skopelos town. The chapel’s breathtaking location and its picture-perfect stairs carved into the rock make it an unforgettable sight to see.

While the fictional Greek island of Kalokairi is fictitious, most of the movie was shot on Skopelos, Skiathos, and Damouchari in Pelion, Greece. The producers also used London and Pinewood Studios for interior scenes.

Most of the outdoor filming took place on Skopelos island, with additional shots on the neighboring island of Skiathos and at Damouchari Beach in the Pelion peninsula. The villa that stood in for Donna’s Greek villa was built on the 007 stage at Pinewood Studios in England.

The main set was on Kastani Beach, on the southwest coast of Skopelos. A jetty and beach bar were built as part of the set, but they were removed after production ended. This beautiful beach has golden sand and turquoise waters. It’s a popular destination for swimming and sunbathing. You can visit it with a guide or join a Mamma Mia tour Skopelos that spends the day visiting the filming locations by coach, including lunch and swimming time.

Skiathos Town

The main town on Skopelos is Skiathos Town where many of the interior scenes in Mamma Mia were filmed. This is also where you’ll find the airport and ferry connections to the other islands in the area. There are lots of great hotels in the town and you can easily find flights to Skiathos from several European cities through sites like Ferryscanner.

Skiathos is home to a wide range of wildlife including birds and marine life. You’ll even find some of the same animals that were used in the film such as the southern white-breasted hedgehogs, which are native to Greece and can grow to 13 inches tall. These little guys are fun to watch as they scurry around the rocks and olive trees, looking for a tasty snack.

Another highlight of the town is Glysteri Beach, which was used for a number of beach scenes in the movie. It’s a well-organized beach with plenty of cafes, sunbeds to rent and feel-good music during the summer months.

On a hill overlooking the beach is the Agios Ioannis Chapel, which was used for Sophie’s wedding scene. It’s one of the most recognizable filming locations and is a must-see when visiting Skopelos.

Damouchari Beach

Millions of people all over the world loved the 2008 blockbuster movie Mamma Mia. The film was set in a fictional island called Kalokairi and used the hit songs of Swedish pop group ABBA to tell a captivating story about a young bride-to-be who searches for her three potential fathers. Most of the outdoor scenes were filmed on Skopelos and Skiathos.

The main location site in Skopelos was Kastani beach on the southwest coast of the island. It is a beautiful sandy beach with spectacular sunset views. A jetty and a beach bar were built as a setting for the film.

Another popular Mamma Mia filming location is Glysteri beach, located on the east side of the island. It is a very organized beach with a busy cafe, many sunbeds to rent and feel-good music in the summer. It is not recommended to visit if you prefer a quiet secluded beach.

It is also possible to join a guided Mamma Mia tour Skopelos to spend a day visiting the various filming locations on both islands with a guide who can point out all the highlights. This is a great way to see all the major spots without getting lost. If you are lucky, you might even spot a member of the cast hanging out in some bars and restaurants!