Sailing Serenity – Exploring the Greek Islands by Ferry

Sailing Serenity Exploring the Greek Islands by Ferry

Take a voyage of discovery on this weeklong sailing cruise. The Ionian Islands’ tapestry of cultures and landscapes will enrich your soul as you sail to secluded bays, traditional villages, and ancient ruins.

Discover the beauty of the Greek Islands aboard Serenity, a crewed (skippered by a professional captain) private charter from Greek Water Yachts.

1. The Cyclades

The Cyclades islands offer an exciting and rewarding sailing adventure. This east Mediterranean archipelago of 200+ stunning islands is drenched in vibrant color and features a range of unique experiences for yacht charter guests. Here, cosmopolitan party spots like Mykonos serve up ethereal sunset experiences, stellar archaeological sites are a mainstay, and postcard-worthy beaches are in abundance.

Sail through the Cyclades on a luxury catamaran charter and you’ll discover picturesque villages with a distinct Greek feel, secluded anchorages, and pristine beaches. This is also a great place to experience Greece’s world-class food scene and its renowned culture.

The Cycladic islands are powered by “meltemi”, a strong wind that creates ideal sailing conditions for yacht lovers. Whether you’re looking to take on the challenge or simply cruise at a leisurely pace, this is the perfect region to explore.

Start your journey on the island of Syros and sail southeast to Mykonos, known for its pulsing nightlife. Then, head to Delos for a day of enchanting archaeological ruins. After that, enjoy the beaches and scenery of Paros before continuing on to the renowned Santorini, where its volcanic caldera is a must-see. Finally, make your way to the untouched Folegandros, where you can visit its unique Ecomuseum, an entire village of old buildings preserved on a hilltop. All of this is yours to discover when you sail through the Cyclades with Sailing Serenity!

2. The Ionian

While Greek islands are a popular yacht charter destination, island-hopping by ferry offers an alternative option that’s easy on the wallet and a more interesting way to travel. Ferries are improving with more eco-friendly vessels and faster routes making it an even better choice than in the past. Plus, all tickets are one-way so you don’t need to buy your return ticket months in advance like with a flight.

The Ionian Islands provide a beautiful backdrop for a sailing journey with their lush verdant landscapes and turquoise waters. They are also a region steeped in ancient history and rich local culture. Sailors should familiarize themselves with the local weather and sea conditions and comply with maritime laws and regulations to ensure a safe and rewarding experience.

Some of the most picturesque destinations in the Ionian Islands include the bustling capital city of Corfu and the quaint harbour town of Lefkada. They offer a variety of charming restaurants, cafe bars and shops to enjoy during your stay. Alternatively, head to the western Ionian island of Meganisi to explore its stunning natural horseshoe bay. The main village of Vathi is a lovely little town with a wide selection of tavernas and a quaint little gift shop.

Several of the Ionian Islands are home to vibrant sailing communities that host a number of events throughout the year, including informal races and training sessions. Taking part in these events is a great way to connect with the local island culture and enhance your sailing adventure. Likewise, practicing environmentally-conscious sailing by minimizing waste, respecting marine protected areas and abiding by environmental regulations can help preserve the beauty of Greece’s remarkable islands.

3. The Dodecanese

A region of pristine beaches, ancient ruins, vibrant villages and hidden treasures. A yacht charter in the Dodecanese Islands allows you to discover the islands at your own pace and create a unique holiday that suits your interests.

During a yacht charter in the Dodecanese you can explore the islands of Rhodes, Kos, Patmos, Kalymnos, Astypalaia, Leros, Tilos and Kasos. This region of the Aegean Sea is the home to the ancient ruins of the Temple of Apollo and the monastery of Saint Catherine, both of which you can visit during your cruise.

From the medieval majesty of Rhodes to the spiritual tranquillity of Patmos and the untouched allure of Karpathos, a Dodecanese Island adventure is a rich and varied mosaic that offers something for everyone.

During a yacht charter in the Dodecanese islands you can experience the local produce that is grown on the rocky slopes and in the fertile valleys of the region, such as honey and olive oil. These are the products that the locals thrive on, making them ideal for buying as gifts or to enjoy with fresh bread back onboard.

4. The Cypriots

The island group of Cyclades is famous for its sparkling beaches, dazzling sea views and stunning architecture. Here, whitewashed villages rise to meet azure waters where ancient ruins stand proudly. It is an amazing combination of lifestyle, culture, cuisine and natural beauty to rival any other island escape.

On the southern shore of Cyprus, Ayia Napa is a vibrant party destination and Limassol is a sophisticated blend of urban vibes and magnificent beaches. Here, you can explore the ruins of the Tombs of the Kings, a UNESCO World Heritage Site with burial grounds from the Neolithic to Roman periods.

Cyprus is also a year round sailing destination, thanks to a temperate climate and an abundance of gorgeous beaches and spectacular islands to explore. The island is the fabled birthplace of Aphrodite, the Goddess of Love and Beauty, with well-preserved archaeological sites and enthralling mythology to discover.

Join Sailing Serenity on a classy 8-day Cyclades yacht charter and you will be able to discover why so many people have fallen in love with this beautiful region of Greece. Our experienced captains, crew and deckhands can help you create a truly unique Greek island hopping experience – just tell us where you’d like to go!