Skiathos Beaches

With its glimmering turquoise waters and pine lined beach Koukounaries is one of the most famous beaches on Skiathos. It’s also one of the busiest and there are lots of sunbeds, watersports and bars here. Nearby is Krassas – better known as Banana Beach – a popular sandy beach with shallow azure waters and a … Read more

Delos – The Mythical Birthplace of Apollo and Artemis

Delos is a huge and impressive archaeological site. It is a place that brings you back in time and connects you with Greek mythology. The Apollonian sanctuary reached its peak of glory during the Archaic and Classical periods. In that period wealthy Hellenes paid tribute to the gods by building temples and other monuments. The … Read more

Mykonos Unveiled: Beyond the Parties and Nightlife

Embark on an unforgettable journey to a world where heritage and expression fuse. Discover the mysteries that linger behind the sophisticated island of Mykonos. Sink your toes into powdery sand and swim in azure waters. Or party the night away under a symphony of pink bougainvillea flowers at Mykonos’ renowned beach clubs. 1. Beaches Mykonos … Read more

Discovering the Sifnos Pottery Tradition

The naturally flameproof clay of Sifnos makes for exceptional pottery, a tradition that thrives to this day. One such potter is Costas Kalogirou, whose eldest son Antonis learned the trade from his father. With 14 pottery workshops dotted across the island, there are plenty of chances to discover this unique legacy. Here are some tips … Read more

Ikaria – The Greek Island of Longevity

Ikaria may look like many other Greek islands, but it’s one of the world’s five Blue Zones where a third of people live into their nineties. Their longevity is also characterized by better health with lower cardiovascular disease rates and a higher quality of life. A daily afternoon nap and social connections seem to contribute … Read more

Leros – A Hidden Gem With Authentic Greek Charm

It’s hard to imagine what a place like Leros would look like with the blight of tourism removed. But Enzo hopes to see it again, reclaiming the town as the centre of a rationalist renaissance. Until then, stroll its gentle streets and explore its fascinating history. Here are some of the top spots you shouldn’t … Read more

Nafplio – A Charming Town in the Peloponnese

Infuse your trip with Greek history and culture, starting with a visit to Palamidi Castle and its hilltop acropolis. Next, climb 999 steps to the top of Akronafplia for a view of the sea that inspires legends. Nafplio’s narrow cobblestone streets are lined with vintage cafes and impressive historical buildings. It’s a place where romanticism … Read more

Karpathos – A Diverse Island for Nature Lovers

Unlike other popular Greek islands, Karpathos has been mostly unspoiled by mass tourism. Pristine beaches and enchanting villages await visitors to discover. Among the most traditional villages of Karpathos is Olympos, where locals still wear their ancient clothes and celebrate an annual festival on August 15. There’s also a museum here that displays traditional Karpathian … Read more

Tinos’ Unique Art Scene and Dovecotes

The uniquely decorated dovecotes of Tinos are a trademark of the island. They are scattered around the landscape – the ones near the village of Tarabado are among the most impressive. They were used for rearing pigeons that provided meat and rich fertilizer for the fields. Their elaborate decoration makes them real works of art. … Read more

Natural Wonders of the Ionian Islands

Ionian islands are a favorite with European weekenders and American vacationers. They offer an authentic Greek experience in beautiful beaches, tranquil villages and lush landscapes. Navagio Beach (nicknamed Shipwreck Beach) is a stunning white-sand beach on the island of Zakynthos that features an actual shipwreck. It is one of the most photographed beaches in Greece. … Read more