Packing Perfection – Essentials For a Greek Island Ferry Trip

Centuries-old ruins, cobbled streets, mouthwatering food and beautiful beaches are just some of the highlights that await you on a Greek island cruise. And while I always recommend choosing a flight over a ferry, if you’re going to take one, here are some essentials for your Greece packing list.

Remember to pack in your carry-on so that you can avoid baggage fees!

1. Sunglasses

If you’re going to be island hopping, you’ll need sunglasses to protect yourself from the bright Mediterranean sun. Look for a pair that is durable and can easily double as a stylish accessory for your outfit.

Also, bring a water bottle to help you cut down on the amount of plastic you’re consuming. Many of the Greek islands have filtered tap water available that is much cheaper than purchasing plastic bottled drinks. Also consider getting a travel-sized filter that can save you money and space! These are my favorite.

2. Beach Towel

Whether you’re exploring ancient ruins, island hopping by catamarans or hiking to world class viewpoints, comfortable shoes and sun protective gear are must-haves for your Greek Island ferry trip. Avoid packing heavy footwear, instead opt for something lightweight and flexible like trainers.

A light scarf can double as a shawl in chilly, air-conditioned museums or serve as an extra layer of protection on the beach. You can also use it to cover up a beach towel with when you need to catch some rays.

3. Water Shoes

Even during the warmest months, a ferry ride can be chilly. Consider bringing a light windproof jacket or cotton sweater as an extra layer to keep warm during your trip.

You will likely spend your day exploring Greek islands, hiking cobblestone paths and visiting cultural or religious sites. Strike high heels off your Greece packing list and stick with pretty flats to avoid sprained ankles. Having comfortable shoes will also save your feet when sightseeing at crowded places like the Acropolis.

4. Bikini

Depending on your island and mainland travel plans, you may want to include long pants or skirts in your Greece packing list for cooler evenings or to dress up in for dinners. A pashmina, wrap or cardigan also comes in handy on cool plane rides and for sea breezes during island hopping ferry trips.

Having a small backpack or duffle bag that fits in your carry-on is essential for island-hopping ferries and to prevent your luggage from getting lost on the move between each location. These lightweight bags are also easy to stow away and can be a great deterrent against pickpockets.

5. Sunglasses

A great pair of sunglasses is essential to protect your eyes from the sun. Look for frames that don’t get caught in your hair and offer UV protection. You can’t go wrong with a classic pair of Ray-Bans!

Ferry trips can be chilly, so it’s important to bring a light scarf or jacket. Also, don’t forget a travel pillow to help you stay comfortable during the trip. Lastly, pack a few books or an e-reader to entertain yourself on the trip! This post contains affiliate links, which means I may receive a commission at no additional cost to you.

6. Midi Skirt

The ferries aren’t known for having great entertainment options, so bring a few books to read during the ferry ride. Alternatively, download some shows and movies ahead of time to save space in your luggage!

Longer dresses or midi skirts paired with a light cardi are a good choice for evenings on the islands during shoulder season. A sarong can also double as a scarf! You’ll likely be traveling on Blue Star Ferries or Seajets if you’re island hopping between the Greek islands. These ferries are fast and comfortable.

7. Linen Pants

You’ll likely need to bring a few extra items to keep you comfortable and safe on your trip. A travel sized first aid kit is crucial, as are some motion-sickness pills and a water repellent.

Linen pants are the perfect choice for your summertime Greek island ferry trip, as they’re both lightweight and breezy. This pair from Reformation is easy to dress up or down, and the drawstring pull-on design is comfy and flattering. It also has plenty of pockets for your essentials.

8. Shorts

A pair of comfortable shorts is a must, especially if your itinerary includes hiking or visiting archaeological sites. They help prevent blisters and splinters from the rough cobblestones found in many Greek villages.

It’s also important to pack a few pairs of light, loose pants or trousers as well. They’re easy to dress up for dinners out and look great with a casual maxi dress or sarong as a beach cover-up. Lastly, don’t forget to add a wrap or cardigan for cool plane rides or evenings.

9. Blouses & Tank Tops

A lightweight linen button-down like this one from Reformation is a non-negotiable for summertime trips to Greece. Its breezy silhouette is sophisticated enough for dinner but also casual enough for a lunch on the beach.

A convertible wrap is another essential layer that can double as a scarf, shawl or swimsuit cover-up during warmer months in Greece. It can even be used as a blanket on the plane or ferry. It’s also wrinkle-free and easy to wash and dry overnight on your hotel balcony.

10. Sunglasses

Whether touring ancient ruins, or hopping from crystalline island to pristine beach, you’ll want to protect your eyes with high-quality sunglasses. These polarized shades are the perfect choice!

Even if you’re not prone to seasickness, some Greek ferries are notoriously choppy. So it’s a good idea to pack motion sickness wristbands or medication in case you get nauseous during your trip.

These handy travel items will make your upcoming trip to Greece a breeze! Have fun exploring centuries-old ruins, and enjoying mouthwatering cuisine on your upcoming getaway!