Lefkada – Greece’s Island of Stunning Beaches

Lefkada is a dream destination for beach lovers. Its west coast boasts stretches of clean white sand that melt into turquoise waters and are bookmarked by impressive cliffs.

There are also lively pockets of beach with bars and restaurants as well as secluded bits you can have all to yourself.

1. Agios Nikitas

Agios Nikitas is the most popular resort on Lefkada. Its central location makes it easy to reach and has a beautiful beach with great views. It is also a great base for visiting the rest of the island or exploring the mountains.

The road out of Lefkada Town climbs quickly with spectacular views to the North and the mainland. After 5 km you will pass the village of Tsoukalades. Two kilometres further on there is a large car park with a wonderful view down the west coast to Agios Nikitas and the fantastic beach of Pefkoulia. There is a small cafe on the right hand side to stop for a coffee or drink and admire the view.

This village is not just another tourist destination – it is a true traditional Greek village with its own character and charm. The main street is pedestrianised and all the shops and tavernas are close together. The ‘town beach’ is only a short walk away – it has coarse sand and clear turquoise waters to enjoy.

Agios Nikitas is home to the famous ‘Pantazis Kontomichis’ Folk Art Museum which exhibits a wide range of items related to local life and work. There is also the Archeological Museum with finds from the mid-Paleolithic times up to the 4th century AD. Other attractions include the Phonograph-Memorabilia Museum which houses a large collection of old phonographs and other antique items.

2. Egremni

The west coast of Lefkada is home to some of the island’s most stunning beaches. A few kilometres up from the world-famous Porto Katsiki lies Egremni, a long beach sheltered by towering cliffs and boasting a water colour that’s truly magical. Travellers have described it as one of the best beaches not just on the island but in all of Greece!

The beach is partly organised, with a spot renting out umbrellas, but you’ll find plenty of private spots as well. A bar offers drinks and snacks, while the kids will love the toy-filled sand pit on top of the stairs that lead to the beach.

A few kilometres further up the coast is Vasiliki, a wide, sheltered bay that’s ideal for water sports. This stretch of the shore is also popular with families and has a handful of organised beaches where you can rent loungers for a small fee.

In the centre of Lefkada, you’ll find a number of restaurants, bars and nightclubs. But don’t forget to wander around the tiny streets in the old town for a real taste of local life. You can visit cute churches, quaint shops and boutiques. And don’t miss the Angelos Sikelianos Museum, an amazing art gallery shedding light on the ideas, personality and life of the famous Greek poet.

3. Kastro

Lefkada is a dreamy island with enviable beaches, noteworthy sights, monasteries and seafront or mountainous villages. Its exotic natural landscape, crystalline waters and hospitable locals are the recipe for a memorable holiday in Greece!

Entering the island on the bridge connecting it to mainland Greece, you will be greeted by a castle, a medieval Venetian formation that served to protect the town’s inner part from pirate invasions. In the south of town lies the enchanting Kastro Beach, a sandy paradise with crystal clear water. It is easily accessible by a paved road from Lefkada town, although it can also be reached via a short walk through a coastal forest.

The beach has no lifeguards, so it is best to swim only during the hours of daylight. During summer, a beach shop is open from sunrise to sunset and provides shade, drinks and snacks, so you can relax and enjoy your day at the beach!

In the evening, you can stroll along the waterfront and witness an awe-inspiring sunset that shall etch itself indelibly in your memory. You can also visit the village’s two fish tavernas: Captain Sifakis and Captain George, both of which offer delicious seafood dishes at prices that will not break the bank. The village is also home to a couple of hotels, such as Motivo Sea View, that offers rooms with astonishing sea views and traditional Aegean decoration.

4. Vasiliki

If you’ve never been to Lefkada, it may seem like a fairytale island with pretty villages and beaches that regularly appear on lists of Greece’s best. It’s certainly true that you haven’t experienced the island properly until you’ve had a clifftop view of Porto Katsiki or Egremni!

The inland town of Vasiliki is also worth visiting, with its picturesque alleys, small squares, traditional houses and elaborate belfries. It’s a swoonworthy village with plenty of great taverns, cocktail bars and supermarkets.

Located on the east of the island, it’s the perfect spot to enjoy your holiday in style. Vasiliki has a large sandy beach that’s partially organized with umbrellas and sunbeds, although it’s not as crowded as some other Lefkada beaches. It’s a great beach for snorkelling and watersports too!

The beach of Ai Giannis is close to the port and is a favourite with kite surfers, while the north-west beach of Megali Petra has crystal blue waters and is not very crowded. You can reach it by car via a difficult path, but it’s definitely worth the effort! Ionian Villas manages several stunning properties in Vasiliki, including a fab 3 bedroom villa in a swoonworthy position above a gorgeous beach. Contact us to see what’s available! Our team of experts is happy to help. We’re here to ensure you find the perfect property for your next Lefkada vacation!