Ferry Travel Across the Greek Archipelago

From Corfu to Crete Ferry Travel Across the Greek Archipelago

Corfu and Crete have a lot to offer travelers. Whether it’s stunning beaches like Canal d’ Amour or the nudist-friendly Stelari, awe-inspiring landscapes such as Paleokastritsa, or traditional towns and villages where time seems to stand still.

Traveling between these two heavenly islands is the cherry on top of your Greek getaway. Read on to learn more about hopping from one island to the other with ease and affordability.

Conventional Ferry

The conventional ferry is the largest type of vessel that serves as a traditional method of travel across the Greek Islands. These ferries are slower than the high-speed catamarans, but they offer more space and amenities. In addition to open and semi-enclosed decks, the conventional ferries include air-type seats as well as cabins that can accommodate 2 – 4 passengers. The conventional ferries are also less expensive than the high-speed catamarans, making them ideal for island hopping.

The Conventional Ferry departs from Igoumenitsa, which is a coastal town in the Epirus region. It faces Corfu and hosts one of the country’s major ports. The local ferries that depart from Igoumenitsa are very affordable, and they have a frequent schedule.

Once you reach Corfu, you can explore the UNESCO-listed Old Town and enjoy its natural and cultural beauty. The town has narrow alleys and majestic mansions that showcase the island’s rich history. It is also home to many beaches, including Frangokastello Beach and Sweetwater Beach.

You can also visit the nearby villages of Kissamos and Balos. Both of these beaches are known for their incredible waters and pristine white sand. There are also several restaurants and cafes that serve delicious Greek food. In addition to eating, you can shop for souvenirs and other items at the numerous shops in the area.

High-Speed Catamaran

High-speed catamarans are a popular choice for high-speed passenger ferries. These fast boats can get you from one destination to the other in a fraction of the time it takes a conventional ferry to do so. These multihull ferries are designed with the latest technologies and specialized engines to give you the fastest sailing experience available.

These ferries are usually equipped with automatic motion control systems that minimize wave-induced motions. They also use foils to reduce hydrodynamic resistance. These factors make them ideal for cruising and crossing the open ocean. Catamarans are more environmentally friendly than monohulls, since they produce less noise and pollution.

In addition to their high speed, these ferries are known for their excellent sea-keeping characteristics and superior manoeuvrability in port. They are also more economical than monohull ferries, since they require less fuel to reach the same speed. As a result, they are far less likely to encounter delays and cancellations due to weather conditions.

If you want to travel from Corfu to Crete in style, book your ticket on one of the prestigious Aero high-speed catamarans operated by Hellenic Seaways. These sleek and comfortable vessels offer a smooth, relaxing journey. You can check schedules, routes, and prices for your ferry trip on Ferryhopper’s website. We recommend booking early, as seats tend to sell out quickly during peak seasons.

Book a Ferry Online

The Corfu Island of Greece has a ton to do from its adorable small towns, unique beaches and the lush greenery that covers this island. The biggest town is Corfu Town which was built by the Venetians and has a quaint, colorful feel to it. From here, you can take a ferry out to the northern part of the island to Paleokastritsa or to the southern part to Kassiopi. Both of these places are beautiful with their own special charm and are great to see for a few days.

The island also has some incredible beaches including Canal d’Amour which is a beach that has been formed by the corrosive effects of the sea on the sandstone and features caves and passageways. Another beach is Stelari which is a heavenly pebble beach with crystal clear water and gorgeous natural surroundings. Both of these beaches are popular and can get crowded in the summer but it’s still well worth visiting.

Corfu is a great place to visit with its rich history and culture. The island also offers a bit of luxury with the numerous resorts and villas on offer.

You can book a ferry to Corfu online on Ferryhopper with ease and convenience. All you need to do is select your departure and destination ports, whether you want one-way or return tickets and your travel dates and the website will give you a list of all available options and costs.

Know What to Expect

Ferry services can be unpredictable, especially in the Greek islands. The good news is that if you’re flexible, it can be easy to modify your itinerary if routes are canceled due to weather or strikes. It’s also a good idea to use a ferry booking platform to figure out your route before you go so that you can get instant information, quotes and schedules for ferries and companies within your allotted time.

If you’re prone to seasickness, it’s a good idea to bring motion sickness wristbands and medications with you. The journeys between the islands are often lengthy, so it’s not uncommon for passengers to feel queasy at some point. You can also try a few things to help keep you from getting sick, such as eating ginger or gazing at the horizon.

Another thing to note is that only some of the smaller ferries sell tickets on board. Most of them require you to buy tickets in advance either online, at the ferry offices in the ports or through your travel agent. Also, be sure to show up at the port an hour before departure to ensure you don’t miss your boat. There are stalls for each ferry line, but they may not be labeled well. In the event that you’re not in the right stall, you can check with other passengers or ask one of the ferry officers to be sure you’re in the correct place.