Ferry Fireside – Cozy Stories to Warm Your Seafaring Heart

Ferry Fireside Cozy Stories to Warm Your Seafaring Heart

Whether by ferry, ice bridge or flight, each mode of travel unveils a unique facet of Mackinac Island’s winter allure. The off-season invites guests to experience a quieter, more intimate Mackinac Island.

Discover 12 outstanding short stories to warm your heart, thrill your imagination and stir your soul. Ferry Fireside is among the best short story anthologies available.

The Story of a Seafarer

If you like reading charming, low-stakes, slice-of-life novels brimming with whimsy and the connection of found family, you’ll love this cute novel. Mika is a shy librarian who starts to find her place at Nowhere House, the secluded manor of three young witches in need of guidance. As she becomes entangled in the lives of the quirky occupants, including stern librarian come love interest Jamie, a threat emerges that could threaten her newfound family, and she must decide whether to risk all for them.

This is a prize-winning story that tells of a girl who tries to change her sad little home and family by moving in with them, with surprising results. It’s sweet and undemanding, and it makes a nice autumn read.

The Ferry Fireside chat features thought leaders from the industry who will help uncover challenges, deep dive into solutions and map out a path towards decarbonising ferry operations. The goal of the chat is to encourage continuous dialogue, innovation and collaboration between the maritime community, and to ensure that our communities are able to meet the challenges of the future.

The Story of a Boat

From Noah’s Ark to USS Voyager, boat stories abound. But the best ones don’t fit into either the hero’s journey or carrier bag model. They’re like a home-away-from-home, a container of evolving relationships with frontier unknowns. It’s on these vessels that we find the Sirens tempting Ulysses, the HMS Bounty seeking breadfruit in Tahiti, and Captain Janeway navigating the Delta Quadrant.

From the writers and producers of BBC One’s unpredictable The Missing and The Tourist, Boat Story is a twisty six-part thriller. Its prosaic title belies a dazzling concoction, featuring a terrific performance from Paterson Joseph and a glimmering rise for Daisy Haggard.

It traces the disastrous fallout from Samuel and Janet’s attempt to steal a large shipment of cocaine that washes up on their sleepy coastal town. But it’s not just about the drugs, and the story is a lot more than that.

It returns to themes that have propelled Allende’s finest work – political injustice, the art of survival and the essential nature of love. This story is a reminder that the world is bigger than any of us, and that our lives are not just defined by our personal struggles, but how they connect to others. It also serves as a reminder that the ties between families are sometimes the strongest. It’s a story worth telling.

The Story of a Ship

Ferry Fireside is a soothing retreat, where you can imagine yourself nestled under a cozy blanket, sipping on your favorite beverage and being guided through a world of stories, reflections, and tranquil musings by the warm voice of your host. It’s a perfect way to escape the glaring screens of modern life and reclaim a sense of peace and quiet.

An uneasy friendship develops between the daughter of a shattered ex-army soldier and the feckless captain of a whaling ship as they brave stormy seas and scurvy on a harrowing arctic voyage. But when a murder is committed, the woman finds herself in a race against time to find the truth.

Former Monty Python stalwart and beloved television globe-trotter Michael Palin brings the legendary ships EREBUS and TERROR back to life in this enthralling account. Starting with their construction at a Welsh boatyard in 1826, he follows them through the epic voyages of discovery that led to triumph in the Antarctic and ultimate disaster in the Arctic.

Readers of Between Shades of Gray and All the Light We Cannot See will love this epic novel set during WWII. As World War II draws to a close in East Prussia, Joana, Emilia, and Florian are on desperate treks toward freedom, each with something to hide. Their paths converge on board the Wilhelm Gustloff, a ship that promised salvation but would ultimately carry thousands of refugees to their deaths.