Culinary Cruises – Greek Island Food Tours by Ferry

You don’t have to be a rabid foodie to appreciate the culinary delights of Greece. Take part in island-hopping and cooking tours that bring you renowned Greek wines, eats and experiences both on board and ashore.

In Corfu, visit a renowned winery and get tips on preparing traditional dishes at a local home. In-depth private cultural touring in Athens and Istanbul highlight the history of these storied destinations.


Discover the historic traditions that make Greece such a proud culinary destination on this enticing cruise. In Athens, explore the city’s iconic highlights including the Acropolis and the Parthenon before heading to a downtown “taverna” for traditional Greek food. Visit a local meat and fish market to sample some of the area’s freshest seafood selections. You’ll also be treated to a tasting of saganaki Cesaria – a wonderful dish made of eggs, cheese, sujuk (spicy sausage), and cured pork.

On Sifnos, a popular local chef introduces you to the island’s legendary cuisine. You’ll learn how to prepare regional dishes alongside a professional chef, while sipping on local wine. You’ll also be able to taste some of the most popular local eats including revithada (chickpea stew), ampelofasoula (string beans), and mastelo (lamb cooked in the oven).

Enjoy more culinary discoveries at a countryside pistachio farm, a family-run apiary (bee yard), and a distillery for an included tasting of the famous aperitif – ouzo. Afterward, you’ll be able to enjoy a tasting of some of the island’s most famous desserts.

Today you’ll board a ferry to Crete, the largest of the Greek islands. Take a guided tour of Heraklion to see some of the island’s ancient highlights. Then, head to a traditional cooking school where you’ll get hands-on experience making some of the region’s most celebrated foods. You’ll also be able to try some of the island’s most popular drinks including ouzo and rakia.


Experience the best of Greece’s Mediterranean sunshine, azure seas, and legendary Greek cuisine on a gourmet adventure. Blend culinary delights with cultural highlights and ancient ruins during this one-of-a-kind cruise.

Put your cooking skills to the test at Angelina’s kitchen as you learn how to create savory and sweet Greek dishes on this private culinary tour. You’ll even learn how to set a Myconian table for dining. Sample iconic eats like cheese, honey, olives, and spit-roasted lamb.

Mykonos’ main restaurants and cafes serve both traditional and gourmet menu items. The cafes by the old port, also known as Chora, offer both indoor and outdoor seating, and are a great place to grab a refreshing drink, ice cream, or coffee.

If you’re hungry for a local lunch or dinner, try the seafood restaurant in the center of Mykonos, frequented by the local fisherman. Sample the freshest of the catch and enjoy a local wine, or raki.

Discover Mykonos’ contrasting sides—its hip Euro vibe and its serene beauty—when you schedule a sightseeing tour of the island’s iconic landmarks, including gently spinning windmills and whitewashed buildings, blue-domed churches, and spectacular beaches. Then, head to a vineyard for a tasting session of the island’s wines. You’ll even get to sample a locally-produced anise liqueur, or tsipouro. Afterwards, stroll through the town’s narrow streets lined with luxury boutiques and art galleries.


Santorini’s spectacular clifftop villages and blue-domed churches exude Greek charm. Spectacular beaches and warm water await below the volcanic cliffs, and the island is one of the world’s most famous locations for sunsets.

Indulge in local flavors on a unique food tour that takes you to historic castle villages. Sample street foods, Greek mezes and wine tasting, Cycladic cheeses, olive oil and bread, and local sweets at the taverns and markets with sweeping caldera views.

Enjoy a day- or sunset-cruise to admire the beautiful scenery of Santorini and visit beaches like Red Beach and Mesa Pigadia Beach for a refreshing swim. Admire the magnificent coastline, and be enchanted by the imposing beauty of the volcano and the big Light House on the top of the island.

This is a wonderful opportunity to experience the best of Santorini while tasting the local food and drinks. During the day cruise, you will be offered a traditional BBQ Greek menu prepared on board and served with wine, beer and soft drinks. You will also be given the chance to swim in a beach and taste some of the best wine in the region. At night you will be provided with drinks, including the famous white wine of Santorini, Greek Ouzo and beers. You can also choose to have a full dinner service on the yacht.


A tapestry of beaches and ancient treasures decorate the dazzling Greek isles, but it’s the culinary essence of each destination that makes this 14-day Greece food tour so delicious. Blending contemporary culture with centuries-old recipes, you’ll visit pistachio farms, wine estates and coastal villages in between touring iconic sites such as Athens, Aegina and Poros, the Theater of Epidaurus and Mycenae.

The largest island of the Mediterranean, Crete is a treasure trove for foodies, with its unique recipes, excellent cheeses and heartwarming hospitability. In Heraklion, take a walking tour to sample the best of local cuisine interwoven with historical treasures including the Palace of Knossos, the first advanced society on European soil. Enjoy original Cretan herbal tea with thyme-infused honey, cheeses, olives and meze dishes paired with homer’s Odyssey “liquid gold” olive oil and the island’s famous raki drink.

Regent Seven Seas has added 128 new culinary-focused shore excursions to its fleet of luxury cruises around the world. These include a ‘Minoan Gastronomy Through History’ experience in Crete, where you can cook up some of the diet of the ancient Minoans, using ingredients such as goat, wild deer and lentils; and a ‘Ultimate Provence Specialties’ excursion on the Mediterranean island of Menorca. Guests can also visit a vineyard in Provence, learn how to make traditional Turkish pastry at a restaurant in Bergama, and explore a family-run pistachio farm in Turkey, as well as taste oysters and French cheese in Toulon, France.