Beyond the Beaches – Inland Adventures From Greek Ferry Ports

Beyond the Beaches Inland Adventures from Greek Ferry Ports

There are plenty of Greek islands to visit but some, particularly Santorini and Mykonos, attract hordes. If you want to enjoy pristine beaches, shady village squares and alfresco meals without the crowds, there are alternatives.

To avoid the crush, consider a luxury island hopping tour that includes flights between Athens and your chosen destinations.

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Labadee is a true thrill-seekers’ playground. Whether it’s flying superman-style across the ocean or bouncing on floating trampolines in the water, your heart will be racing before you know it. For those seeking a more laidback day on the island, venture inland to explore Jamaica’s limestone caves and sinkholes at Roaring River Park and Park. From the historic Great House, you’ll explore narrow passages leading to the Blue Hole, a natural spring known for its healing powers.

Experience a wide range of excursions during your cruise to discover the best of each destination. Choose full-day tours for a more comprehensive visit to city highlights, iconic ruins or natural wonders, or book extended adventures with overnight stays. Make the most of your time on the islands with these memorable experiences.

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Beyond pristine beaches lies an art scene that’s worth a stroll through—and maybe even a few gulps of margarita. In Southern California, ETC Hotels has curated a slew of experiences that help you go beyond your beach vacation.

Stroll, swim, and soak up the chill island ambiance on this beachside excursion. It starts with a guided walk along the eastern coast of Providenciales to explore the mangrove forests and 10 graves hidden in their depths, followed by lunch at Da Conch Shack and a ride on an ATV to discover The Hole, a natural limestone sinkhole filled with crystal clear water. It’s the perfect way to enjoy your day off. The excursion includes hotel pickup and drop-off.