Best Places to Eat in Skyros

Best Places to eat in Skyros

Skyros is a beautiful island in the North Aegean with a real authentic feel to it. The island is away from the usual tourist routes and this has helped to preserve its traditions.

Skyros is known for its seafood dishes and most of the taverns offer fresh fish which has been fished by the owners themselves. It is also known for its fava dip which is made from yellow split peas grown on the island.


Chora is a traditional village surrounded by whitewashed houses and purple bougainvilleas. Its streets are a joy to walk through, with their narrow, winding corridors and brightly painted doors and windows.

The 14th century frescos and mosaics of the church are a sight to behold. The outer narthex depicts scenes from the life of Christ, while the inner narthex shows scenes from the Virgin Mary’s. These murals are the work of Theodoros Metokhites, who was in charge of treasury during the time of Emperor Justinian I.

The village is also home to a number of wooden houses that are great for photo opportunities. There are also a number of neighborhood cafes where visitors can relax and enjoy the local atmosphere. The cafes serve a variety of drinks and food, including coffee, tea, and Turkish delight. It is a great place to spend an afternoon relaxing and watching the world go by.


Linaria (Latin for linum or flax) is a genus of flowering plants known as toadflax, or lingonberries. It is the largest genus in the tribe Antirrhineae of the plantain family Plantaginaceae, and contains about 200 species. It is native to Europe, Africa and Asia. Most members of the genus are annuals or herbaceous perennials. Many of them are cultivated as garden plants for their flowers or foliage.

They are easy to grow and reseed themselves freely. The best way to sow them is on the surface of the soil, but they also germinate well when sown in small pots. Mixing the seeds with sand or fine potting mix can help to ensure they are evenly distributed and do not sink to the bottom of the pot.

Toadflax produces an abundance of beautiful flowers, and it is also a good choice for growing cut flowers. To keep the blooms fresh, it is important to deadhead them regularly throughout the growing season. Using sharp secateurs or snips, remove any fading flowers from the top of the stems.


Atsitsa is a beautiful village on the west side of Skyros island. It is surrounded by pine forests and offers a great opportunity to relax, swim and walk in nature. The village is also known for its excellent cuisine and offers a wide variety of traditional dishes.

The Atsitsa Bay retreat has simple but comfortable twin-share huts set within the garden of pine and fruit trees. All rooms are en suite with hot showers and have a deck, ideal for morning meditation or afternoon tea. The retreat offers a full board menu of healthy Mediterranean meals.

There are many different courses available, including yoga, creative writing, life choices, music & singing, wellbeing, coaching and art. Participants are encouraged to do a ‘homeopathic’ amount of work, like sweeping, chopping vegetables and cleaning communal areas, which fosters natural camaraderie and builds connection.

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In years gone by whole families would pack up and head out from Lindos and Rhodes to spend the summer in Pefkos. Away from the hustle and bustle of modern life they could relax, soak up the sun and enjoy a relaxed Mediterranean lifestyle.

These days the village is a well-established holiday resort that has retained its friendly, hospitable atmosphere. It is popular with both locals and visitors and welcomes couples, families, groups of friends and single travellers.

Pefkos’s sandy beaches are backed by pine clad hills and scented with bougainvillea and jasmine. The centre of the village is packed with bars and restaurants. There is a big choice of accommodation in the form of hotel rooms, apartments and studios.

Prices for rooms are reasonable. In the peak of summer they can rise though so it pays to book early. The Nostalgia Restaurant is the main eatery on site serving Mediterranean cuisine. There is also a pool bar.