Best Places to Eat in Skopelos

Skopelos is a foodie’s paradise with a big selection of local eateries and tavernas nestled in cobbled passageways. Try the renowned Alexander’s Garden Restaurant which is set in a beautiful courtyard adorned with pomegranate trees or the new kid on the block, Rodi.

Dried plums are a popular speciality here and you can expect them served alongside pork or rabbit dishes or drizzled over desserts. Other favourites are grilled sardines, stuffed octopus and lobster spaghetti.

1. The Muses

Located in Skopelos town, The Muses is a popular restaurant that serves traditional Greek recipes. Their food is made with care and friendliness, a testament to the island’s ethos of hospitality.

Diners can enjoy a variety of Mediterranean and Greek dishes while taking in the scenic views of the sea. They also offer a wide selection of wines. A must-try dish is their oven-cooked lamb marinated with rosemary and garlic.

2. Olivo

Tucked away down an unsuspecting side street in central Glossa, Olivo is a hidden gem that serves up indulgent local cuisine. The menu is a delightful fusion of Mediterranean and Greek dishes. The halloumi stuffed burger and curried chicken stand out as particular highlights.

The quaint, family-owned Ta Kimata restaurant is one of the oldest on Skopelos. It sits beneath the Venetian castle by Skopelos port and carries the title of the first tavern to open on the island.

3. Stou Dimitraki

Skopelos is a little off the tourist radar, so out of season (April/May and mid-September) it is possible to find some lovely restaurants that are completely free from crowds. Restaurant Rodi is one of them, located in the town’s Platanos Square where you will find a courtyard adorned with pomegranate trees.

Its menu is extensive and focuses on preparing traditional recipes in a modern way. It is a favourite among locals and is open all year round.

4. Restaurant Rodi

iShopFood is proud to announce that Rodi Italian, located on West Garrison Boulevard in Gastonia, has partnered with our online ordering technology! This partnership will allow the restaurant to offer many promotions for its customers!

Peloni decided to host a “Favorite People” dinner where guests could enjoy food and drinks free of charge. He also abided by COVID-19 regulations and used built-in plexiglass structures to separate diners.

Chilias and Hendricks have big plans for their new restaurant. They want to attract multiple generations of Greek and European eaters.

5. Screwdriver Cocktail Bar

Screwdriver Cocktail Bar offers interesting cocktails and drinks in a cosy atmosphere. Its menu is extensive and the staff is friendly. The music is varied and illustrative.

Most recipes don’t call for the pinch of salt, but it helps smooth out orange juice’s acidity and vodka’s burning taste. It also goes well with the kind of stick-to-your-ribs breakfast foods that a good screwdriver is made for, like omelets and pancakes.

7. Finikas Restaurant

Finikas is the place to be for those looking for a more authentic and alternative holiday experience. The restaurant offers an original menu that combines Greek and Mediterranean flavors.

Located literally next to Harokopos beach, Finikas is home-cooked food in its purest form. Try their lamb with rosemary and garlic in the oven or pork roll with apples and plums.

A great che goes well with their white wine, beer or grappa. Customers like the staff and the fast service at this spot.

8. Magali Pita Bar

Magali Pita Bar is a perfect place to try tasty pork, chicken gyro and souvlakia. Visitors love delicious beer served here. This restaurant offers quick service. Many guests say that the staff is nice here. The place is suitable for families. You can order delicious lemonade and good house wine. The bar is equipped with great TVs. Moreover, it offers outdoor seating. You can even book a table for larger parties.

9. Coffee Shops

Located in the heart of Skopelos Town, this coffee shop serves up great quality food and drinks – including decadent desserts. Stylish décor, friendly staff, and a nice view make this one of the best places to enjoy breakfast, brunch, or a coffee on Skopelos Island.

The menu here features many traditional Greek dishes but with a modern twist. Mouthwatering plates include roast scorpion fish paired with eggplant and lobster pasta. Local delicacies like dried plums and spoon sweets are a must-try as well. They can be purchased in local delicatessens around the port area for a taste of Skopelos to take back home with you.