Best Places to Eat in Sikinos

Best Places to eat in Sikinos

The rocky island of Sikinos charms travelers with its tranquillity. It offers a handful of beautiful beaches, old hiking trails and amazing natural scenery.

Besides, Sikinos produces a variety of wine and an exceptionally tasty olive oil. You can try them during your stay at the restaurants and tavernas.

1. Kapari Restaurant

Located in the picturesque village of Imerovigli, Kapari Wine Restaurant offers guests an exquisite culinary journey with mouthwatering Greek and Mediterranean cuisine. The dishes here are based on family recipes and the finest ingredients. They are carefully prepared and seasoned to perfection.

The menu here includes healthy and appetizing meals such as smoked octopus, grilled cod and rack of lamb. They also serve a wide variety of desserts including parfait, ice cream and che. The restaurant is renowned for its attentive staff and terrific service. It is a great choice for those who want to taste delicious food at democratic prices.

The restaurant serves both indoor and outdoor dining. They offer a varied breakfast as well which is served inside or on the terrace. The taverna is a family run establishment and has been operating since 2011. They are dedicated to preserving local traditions and making the most of every ingredient. The chefs have a great love of the island and it shows in their creations.

2. Kapari Tavern

The best restaurant in Sikinos is Kapari Tavern, a nice place with good food and large menu. They use capers in many of their dishes and it is one of the few restaurants that serves beer. The prices are slightly higher than other tavernas on the island but not by much and it is worth going to if you want a nice meal on the island.

The main square of Kastro has a picturesque church called Pantanassa that is a typical blue-domed basilica. Across from the church is the Old School and the Folklore Museum.

Sikinos has a few beaches and although they might not be the most beautiful of the Aegean they are sandy, family friendly and often very quiet. The most popular beach on the island is by the port of Alopronia and it also has a few cafes and restaurants.

4. Meltemi

Meltemi is the main family run taverna in Sikinos and it always has a lot of customers. It serves a variety of traditional Greek dishes but has kept an authentic charm and a homely taste. The staff are very friendly and the owners often regale their guests with stories of the past.

Located at the centre of the village overlooking the naval base and the great beach, this restaurant is open throughout the year and is one of the best on the island. Its owner Athanasis and his brother in law Savvas are great table companions and speak five or six languages – just ask them what to order!

This restaurant serves all the typical Greek dishes but has a few specialities like their specialty exohiko or kalogiros which is stuffed aubergines with veal and cheese. Their prices are reasonable and they also serve some good cocktails. There is a bus stop nearby and you can easily reach the port of Alopronia in an hour or so from here.