Best Places to Eat in Polyaigos

Best Places to eat in Polyaigos

The largest uninhabited island of the Cyclades is a natural gem surrounded by sapphire-blue waters. It is also home to a wide variety of marine species.

Explore the pristine beaches and rocky coves of Polyaigos on a day cruise from Milos. Enjoy delicious meals accompanied by Greek wine and raki, as well as local treats like loukanko sausage and dolmadas.

1. Niko’s Balcony

Niko’s Balcony is a popular eatery in the village of Chorio serving delicious local Kimolian cuisine. The food here is a true taste of Greece with traditional Kimolian dishes such as the Ladera (airy eggplants slow roasted in light tomato sauce) and the Briam (think Greek Ratatouille sans the cartoon rodent). Niko’s is also famous for their steak.

Enjoy a delicious meal at this charming restaurant in Pollonia and don’t forget to try their homemade watermelon pie. This sweet treat is made with honey, cinnamon, and sesame, and it’s sure to be a winner. You can also find other delicious Greek dishes here. The tavern has a great view and offers friendly service. It’s well worth the trip!

2. Pano Mersini Restaurant

When it comes to a summer getaway, most travelers want a relaxing hideaway with some new eats. Kimolos offers both with its spectacular island views and top-notch food options.

This long-standing traditional taverna is the oldest one on the island and stays open in winter too. Its menu consists of local classic dishes like small tiropitakia, goat stew, and tomato balls.

The taverna also serves wine by the kilo, which makes it a great place to get a glass of wine or two after dinner. Its ambiance is also lovely and romantic thanks to its twinkling lights. You can even dine on the terrace and enjoy a stunning view of the settlement. It is also a perfect spot to watch the sunset. It is best to reserve ahead of time.

3. Argyros Restaurant

Argyros Restaurant offers a culinary experience that is steeped in gastronomic artistry. You can experience the distinct flavors of Estate Argyros wines while enjoying innovative cuisine that activates all your senses.

Located near the seaside village of Pollonia, the Argyros Restaurant is an ideal choice for dinner. Its ambiance is elegant and cozy, perfect for a romantic meal with your loved one.

The Argyros Restaurant is also a great place to dine with friends or family. Its menu is extensive and includes a variety of seafood dishes, pastas, and meat entrees. You can even enjoy a glass of wine while enjoying the beautiful views. The best time to visit is in November, May, and June.

4. Sardis Restaurant

This tavern is located near the beaches Bonatsa and Kalamitsi. The restaurant has a picturesque setting, and offers excellent traditional Greek food at reasonable prices.

A number of secluded coves and beaches surround Polyaigos, and the sea is crystal clear and inviting. Rent a private boat or join an excursion from Kimolos or Milos to cruise around the island.

Polyaigos wasn’t always uninhabited, and there is still a small church on the island dedicated to the Dormition of the Virgin from 1622. You’ll also find a lighthouse and a few scattered buildings. The island’s rugged landscape is home to wild goats, reptiles, and migratory birds. It’s also a popular spot for nature enthusiasts. In the past it was rich in industrial minerals, such as silver barite.

5. Kato Mersini Restaurant

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