Best Places to Eat in Patmos

Best Places to eat in Patmos

Patmos is a compact island and most of its restaurants and taverns are concentrated in the port town Skala and the capital Chora. Gourmet lovers will find interesting suggestions here, as well as traditional Greek recipes with local products.

Upmarket Med-fusion platters like marinated octopus and Corfiot sofrito go down well with a bottle of wine from their extensive list. You can also linger over home-cooked mezze such as grilled squid and filled dolmades.


The Pantheon, where the Renaissance painters Raphael and Annibale Carracci are buried, is among Rome’s most iconic ancient sites. It’s also one of the most visited monuments in the world. So it’s no surprise that the lines for entry were long on Monday, when Italy’s Culture Ministry introduced an entrance fee.

The price increase has some tourists concerned. But Gabriella Musto, the site’s director, says that officials are working to ensure that tickets remain accessible. For example, Roman residents, minors, and those attending Mass will still get in free. Also, tours are still available. And skip-the-line access is usually included in these packages.

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The restaurant’s menu consists of dishes made using fresh, seasonal ingredients from local farmers. The restaurant is located in a picturesque setting, overlooking the sea. Its food is simple and delicious.

It serves meals from the Dodecanese region, including fresh fish, Greek salads, and meat dishes. The menu also features traditional desserts and coffee. The prices are reasonable and the service is friendly. There is also a bar. It offers a range of wine and spirits.


Located on a dreamy square that resembles a movie set, this traditional restaurant is one of the most popular ones on Patmos. Its recipes pass from generation to generation. You can enjoy pies, moussaka, roast chicken and lamb here and also the famous chickpea stew that was invented by accident.

The restaurant has a great reputation as the best fish tavern in Lampi. Its aubergine spread topped with grated tomato is delicious, while the stuffed courgette blossoms and Greek salad are also excellent. They serve good wines, too. Moreover, the prices are reasonable. The venue doesn’t accommodate hen and stag parties. Its location is very convenient for visitors.


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A rooftop bar in Chora that’s loved for its pretty setting and tasty Mediterranean dishes. Expect risotto, pizza and fish along with a nice selection of wines.

Chora is one of the best-preserved mediaeval towns in the Aegean and its small houses and alleys are beautiful to explore. Don’t miss the fortress-like monastery of St John the Theologian, founded in 1088 by Brother Christodoulos.

UNESCO lists the Historic Centre of Patmos including Chora, the Monastery and the Cave of Apocalypse on its World Heritage List. The island also has a good variety of beaches with everything from soft, fine sand to those with lentisk and tamarisk trees.


Patmos is a compact island, with rocky shores, a few sandy ones and swathes of unspoiled countryside crossed by walking trails. It’s easy to explore on foot, but renting a scooter or motorbike is a good option for longer excursions.

Sitting within an estate whose garden grows its own produce, this taverna dishes up upper-tier Mediterranean fare with a fabulous view of the monastery. Their stuffed peppers and goat casserole are especially recommended. The menu is fairly extensive with something for everyone. The service is very friendly. It’s also a great spot for a sunset drink. The price tag is a little higher than many other tavernas on the island, but the views make it worthwhile.