Best Places to Eat in Naxos

Best Places to eat in Naxos

The restaurants of Naxos serve mostly local food as the island is an agricultural one. You will find plenty of fresh fish, cheeses and meats. They also serve alcoholic beverages like ouzo and rakee.

A mesmerising restaurant with a dreamy interior. Dine inside and enjoy the view of the cobblestoned street or sit outside and watch the world go by. Their kalogeros, which is stuffed beef patty with gruyere cheese, is exceptional.

Meze Restaurant

Meze Restaurant is a family-owned tavern on the port road, serving up top quality food at excellent prices. The menu has a good selection of fish dishes and is perfect for seafood lovers. There are also a number of vegetarian options and meat-eaters will be satisfied too.

Meze is more than just a meal; it’s a social experience that encourages conversation and shared enjoyment. The combination of different flavors and textures is what makes meze so special. Dips like hummus and baba ghanoush provide a smooth canvas for fresh vegetables and flatbreads, while ajvar and muhammara provide a spicy counterpoint.

In addition to the traditional Greek dishes, Axiotissa serves great Naxian cheeses and local olives. Its most famous dish is the whole hog roast which is only served on Wednesdays and Saturdays. Other highlights include the grilled calamari and kalogeros veal. This is a great spot for dinner and lunch. It is recommended to make a reservation in advance.

Scirocco Restaurant

Located along the water, this charming tavern serves classic Greek dishes and seafood favorites. Its lobster spaghetti is a must-try, and it goes well with their selection of locally made Greek wines. The owners are very warm and friendly, making this restaurant a family-run dining experience.

The food is fresh and flavorful, with a touch of creativity and flair. The menu reflects the island’s diverse flavors, including traditional souvlaki and moussaka. Guests can enjoy their meal while listening to the gentle crashing of the waves.

Sitting on top of the prestigious Lebua at State Tower, Sirocco is renowned for its breathtaking rooftop setting and refined Mediterranean cuisine. This iconic destination attracts affluent travelers and local elites seeking a sophisticated dining experience. The dazzling menu features rare delicacies sourced from around the world. Sirocco is dedicated to being environmentally friendly, with energy efficient appliances in the kitchen and low-consumption lighting throughout the facility. It also follows a strict oil recycling program and recycles plastic & glass bottles.

To Souvlaki tou Maki

With a focus on Naxian ingredients and flavors, this humble grill shop is the best place to try souvlaki and gyros in Naxos. Guests can enjoy the grilled meat dishes alongside hand-cut fries, homemade wine, and Greek beer on the picturesque patio.

Dine on the lower terrace and enjoy sunset views over the village of Filoti. The menu boasts a wide range of Greek-Mediterranean favorites such as chicken skewers, courgette fritters, and moussaka. The restaurant also offers a variety of vegetarian options including goat cheese, zucchini croquettes, and grilled vegetables.

Located in the heart of Chora, this charming family taverna serves classic Greek dishes and Naxian comfort foods. The cuisine is prepared with fresh herbs and local produce. The owners raise their own roosters, rabbits, and lambs. The taverna is known for its fresh, wholesome ingredients and excellent service. Be sure to try their rosto, the local pork casserole. It is recommended that you make reservations in advance to avoid disappointment.

Axiotissa Restaurant

One of the best places to eat in Naxos, Axiotissa is a long-standing tavern that offers an elegant take on culinary classics using exceedingly fresh local ingredients. Its extensive menu features both vegetarian and meat dishes including the likes of vegetable mille-feuille, octopus carpaccio and fried feta topped with honey and sesame seeds.

Naxian cuisine is characterized by grilled meats, lamb and goat as well as a wide variety of other dishes that showcase the island’s abundant agriculture. Olives and local cheeses are also big favorites with the most famous varieties like graviera, arseniko and xynomyzithra all being registered as protected designation of origin products.

Located in a charming village on the western end of the island, Metaxi mas is a lovely eatery offering delicious Greek food with the tastiest fresh vegetables and homemade cheeses. Its extensive menu includes both vegetarian and meat dishes as well as the best grilled fish on the island. It’s a popular venue so booking ahead of time is recommended.