Best Places to Eat in Lemnos

Authentic simplicity is a key feature of Lemnos cuisine. Stewed meat stifado, dolma (grape leaves stuffed with rice and meat) and moussaka are popular meat mezedes, while grilled octopus and monkfish are other seafood choices.

You’ll also find traditional dishes like klikia, a cheese pie; salamoura, a salad of raw string beans; and flomaria pasta. Desserts like katimeria and pumpkin pie and wines like Limnian wine and Muscat of Lemnos, which has Protected Designation of Origin status, are also worth trying.

Flomari Taverna

The taverna is located on the northern coast of the island and serves grilled meat and fish dishes. The menu also includes local cheeses and homemade pies. The restaurant is a good option for families with children.

Despite its popularity with windsurfers, Lemnos is not an overcrowded island and still manages to preserve its natural beauty. The beaches have pristine sand and crystal-clear waters. The most popular ones are found on the western side of the island, but you can find plenty of secluded spots as well.

Flomari Taverna, which was created 3 years ago, offers a variety of Lemnian cuisine. Its owner, Michalitsa Banavou, is a woman who breathes hospitality and creates an authentic atmosphere. She offers her guests samples of traditional and new age food, including free-range rooster with flomaria, wild rabbit stew, and kilikia, as well as full-milk sheep yoghurt. The tavern is open from April to November.

Mantella Taverna

Mantella Taverna is a popular place to have lunch and enjoy the local wine. The restaurant offers a wide variety of dishes including yemista (grilled octopus) with salad, tzatziki and fresh bread. The restaurant also serves kilikia pasta with tomato sauce and slow-roasted beef.

The food on Lemnos is surprisingly good for an island that has been described as a “Greek best-kept secret”, according to Lonely Planet. The diverse terrain and mineral-rich soil are perfect for growing wheat, but the island is also renowned for its cheese, olives and spirits. The writer highlights melichloro cheese, which is made from sheep and goat milk, and kalathaki cheese, a white brine cheese that has a similar flavour to feta.

The island’s wine is particularly notable and has been awarded PDO status by the European Union. Limnio is the island’s indigenous red grape, which produces suburb-flavoured wines. The family-owned Taste Lemnos also runs English-language cheese and wine-tasting tours on the island.

Giannakaros Taverna

One of the best restaurants on the island is Giannakaros Taverna, located in a quaint village in a town where time seems to have stopped. It is housed in a stone building, with verandas on the ground and upper floor. The menu varies, but it includes Greek traditional dishes and grilled meats. Their baklava is a must-try.

The tavern is surrounded by huge eucalyptus trees, and the wicker chairs are filled with people who are just relaxing after a long day of sightseeing. The food is fresh and the portions are huge, and the service is excellent.

The restaurant serves a variety of seafood and Mediterranean dishes, including melichloro (hard goat or sheep’s milk cheese) and kalathaki (soft brined sheep’s cheese). You can also try their homemade flomaria pasta, which is made from a local green string bean called ambelofasoula. The tavern is open from noon until late at night, and it is closed on Mondays.

Kotsinas Taverna

This taverna is close to the Platy beach and village. It is a popular place to eat the best Lemnian mezedes and to drink raki. The owners are hospitable and friendly. The menu is large and includes traditional dishes served in hearty portions. Some of the must-try dishes include the roasted sardines, kouki, the married fava and its grated cheese, zucchini cooked in the oven, kaltsounia and the local varieties of lamb with stamnagathi (soft and juicy).

Wine lovers will enjoy sampling the local varieties such as the famous ktima chatzigeorgiou. They also produce a high quality virgin olive oil. The taverna owner Polina will guide you through the production process. You can also try the melichloro and kaskavali, two types of sheep and goat cheese. These are hard and soft cheeses with rich flavors. Try them with the tzatziki sauce. There are also several different grilled fish, risottos and pasta dishes. The prices are reasonable.