Best Places to Eat in Kythira

Kythira is not a destination on the radar of many foreigners or Greeks. But it is a place that has a special charm, offering a carefree summer elegance and contact with nature and history.

The main town, Chora, is built on the top of a hill topped with a Venetian castle and multiple churches with classic white houses and alleyways. It is a wonderful view spot!

Mihalis Taverna

Located in the alleys of the old town it is simpler than the tourist restaurants but offers fine meze. They also have good seafood like squid, cuttlefish and octopus. The service is friendly and warm. The prices are very reasonable.

It is a family tavern where local savours and delights have the first word. It is set in a traditional and welcoming space where the antique objects and decorations create a nostalgic sensation of the past. The music is excellent popular and completes the atmosphere.

The food at Michalis Taverna is delicious and the atmosphere is wonderful. It is one of the best restaurants on the island and is worth visiting. The prices are fair and the food is well-cooked. I recommend that you try their lamb and moussaka.


Souv Like is a Greek restaurant that serves souvlaki pitas and gyro wraps. This eatery has a high customer satisfaction rating and offers a variety of different dishes at reasonable prices. It is also known for its fast service and friendly staff.

The island of Kythira is a paradise for nature lovers and beach enthusiasts alike. It is also home to a number of historic sites and villages that showcase the rich history of Greece. You can visit the Baths of Venus in Avlemonas and admire the spectacular scenery.

There are a variety of ways to get to Kythira, including by ferry and air. The quickest way to reach the island is by taking a direct flight from Athens. However, it is important to note that additional flights may be added in peak season.


A trip to Kythira is not complete without a visit to Diakofti. The village is located on the southern coast of the island and is known for its crystal-clear waters and sandy beaches. It is also home to a variety of taverns, where you can enjoy delicious meals.

The tavern serves fresh fish, spaghetti with shellfish and traditional dishes at affordable prices. The tavern is open throughout the year and is a must-visit for anyone visiting Kythira.

Another popular place to eat on Kythira is Manolis Tavern. This tavern serves delicious seafood dishes, as well as local wines and beers. Its food is reasonably priced and the service is fast and friendly. The tavern is also a good option for families with kids. It is also a short walk from the beach.


Located in the center of the island, Mitata serves delicious dishes at great prices. It is the ideal spot for anyone looking for a quick bite to eat or to enjoy a meal with friends.

It is also possible to have lunch here with a view of the arid cliffs of the east coast. The menu offers a wide variety of dishes, from salads to meat and fish.

The Mitata (plural mitata) are the vaulted stone shelters that are scattered across the mountainous regions of Crete. They were used by shepherds as dwellings and creameries. They are characterized by their simple and functional design, which is based on the ekforic system of building, where stones fit together without binder. They are similar to the circular Minoan tholos tombs. They are dated by the roughly-carved dates on the lintels and doorposts.