Best Places to Eat in Kea

Best Places to eat in Kea

Kea (Tzia) boasts restaurants that serve seafood that owe their tastiness to the freshness of the catch. In addition, densely flavored meat dishes are served.

Typical Greek tavern with some pot dishes and lots of grilled meats, gets very crowded in summer. Very good service. Fairly expensive.

1. Manta

A true azure oasis, Manta is a charming coastal city with a welcoming community that invites visitors and locals to immerse in the local culture. Enjoy artisan markets, vibrant festivals, and traditional celebrations in this stunning paradise.

Enjoy a gourmet dining experience in a setting that is truly divine. The restaurant features gorgeous ocean views and a Hawaiian palatial grandeur that is sure to make your jaw drop.

Bryan Nagao’s cuisine is an expression of his cultural heritage & upbringing; combining Japanese and Hawaiian influences in a unique blend that is both fresh and delicious. He is a force to be reckoned with in the culinary world and has received numerous awards & accolades.

3. Phillippos

Located in Acropolis – Koukaki, Phillippos is within walking distance of popular attractions like Herodion Theatre. It also provides free Wi-Fi in all rooms, making it easy to stay connected while on vacation.

Enjoy a relaxing stay in one of the cosy rooms at this 3-star hotel. Each are well-appointed with the latest amenities, including air conditioning and flat-screen TVs. They also have refrigerators and coffee/tea makers.

A varied menu based on Italian cuisine awaits you at the on-site restaurant. Pepperoni, pies and Buffalo chicken are among the delicacies you can try out. This pizzeria is also known for its excellent service and calm atmosphere.

4. Aristos Restaurant

Fresh fish, seafood, and locally bred meat comprise most of the plates served on Kea. In Vourkari, seafront restaurants serve fresh catch of the day while Korissia and Ioulida are filled with taverns offering delicious meat-based dishes like paspalas (pork cooked in eggs) and tsigaropita (a pie made with pork fat).

A traditional fish tavern that has been around since 1971 with modern touches in their menu which is regularly enriched. It is the place for food lovers and those who want to spend their summer on the beach with a view of bobbing yachts and a relaxing drink or meal. They also make their own oriental sweets including baklava, ravani and ekmek. A bit pricey but worth it.

5. Taverna on the Beach

Kea’s restaurants boast local cuisine with a distinct twist. Virgin products and locally bred animals are the stars of many dishes. Gourounopoulo (pork cooked with eggs), paidakia (lamb chops) and steaks are common on most menus. Also, don’t miss out on the classic appetizers such as tzatziki, kolokithokeftedes (fried zucchini balls) and choriatiki.

The best places to eat in Kea also include cafes and bars. Vourkari is famous not only for its beautiful yachts parked at the marina but for its nightlife. Try Zeus Faber, a rock aesthetic bar in the centre of town and 9 Daughters for a lobster pasta by the beach. Leon Bar, another favourite of ours, offers a great view from the top of the hill above Aristos restaurant. It’s open year-round and offers great cocktails!