Best Places to Eat in Kalymnos

Despite its size, Kalymnos has a lot of places to eat and drink. It’s best to visit in shoulder months like June, September or October, when the crowds are minimal and prices are reasonable.

Try stuffed lamb (mououri), chicken in the wood oven and mermizeli (local village salad with barley rolls, cucumbers, tomatoes, olives, cheese, and thyme honey). For sweet tastes try galaktobourekos and gyristes.

1. Kalidonis Tavern

The restaurant is just a few streets from Darwin’s CBD but it could be straight off Kalymnos with its huge roofed terrace edged by a low wall and aromas of garlic and grilled octopus. The luscious tzatziki packs a powerful whack of fresh garlic, the lemon-drizzled grilled octopus is perfection and the satin-smooth skordalia perfectly partners golden discs of fried eggplant.

Right by Vlihadia beach, this excellent tavern offers seafood and Greek dishes like octopus meatballs. You can sit indoors or alfresco and eat with the water right in front of you. The best part is that when you ask for the bill, they serve a little something sweet on the side – like a loukoumades or a shot of raki. This is the kind of place where you go the first night, decide you love it and keep going back.

2. The Sponge Diver

A small, family-run restaurant with amazing food. They cook with fresh ingredients and make it a point to have something for everyone, including vegans.

The menu is mostly Greek with a few Kalymnian specialties. Try the grilled octopus and the greek salads. They also have a wide selection of wines and beer. The prices are great and the staff is friendly.

The main town of Pothia is a lively port with many cafes and restaurants along the waterfront. There are several beaches on the island including Chohlakas Beach which is a long walk in the heat but worth it for the pebbly crystal blue water. Many of the tavernas also serve Saganaki which is flambéed cheese that is both delicious and fun for kids.

3. Agios Georgios Tavern

Located close to the popular beach of Agios Georgios, this tavern is a favorite among tourists. It serves authentic Greek dishes and offers a wide variety of drinks. The restaurant also has a spacious outdoor area, which is perfect for relaxing with friends and family after your meal.

The restaurant is known for its tasteful pork souvlaki servings, Santorinian fava dishes, and large pizzas. It also has a good selection of wines. According to reviews, the food is excellent and the prices are affordable.

Unlike some other restaurants in Naxos, this restaurant does not require reservations. However, it is recommended that you make one if you plan to visit during peak season. It is also important to remember that tipping in Greece is not mandatory, but it is customary to leave a small gratuity of about EUR2-5 per person.

4. Emborios Tavern

Located right by Vlihadia beach this family owned restaurant offers great fish and seafood. They also have a small menu of meat dishes. The prices are reasonable and they serve a lot of food. The best part is that they serve a dessert at the end of your meal, usually loukoumades or ice cream.

The village is quite hilly so a lot of walking is involved but it’s worth it for the views! If you are visiting on Easter it is worth catching the ferry to the island of Telendos for their Mouri (traditional stuffed lamb dish).

A good bar in town is Rifaki, situated by the port and serving drinks and coffee. It has live music sometimes and a nice atmosphere. They also sell handmade chocolates.

5. Harry’s Paradise

Harry’s Paradise is one of the most interesting and unique restaurants on the island. It’s not located on the beach or in a taverna, but instead it’s a garden that serves the most delicious home-cooked meals. The food is made with natural ingredients and many dishes are vegan friendly.

The restaurant is named after the sponge divers that work on the island, and they serve a variety of seafood and Greek dishes. You can get everything from octopus meatballs to grilled fish and some great Greek salads.

The prices are very reasonable and the food is amazing. This is definitely a must-visit place when you’re on Kalymnos. The atmosphere is very relaxing and it’s a perfect spot to enjoy some Greek food with friends or family.