Best Places to Eat in Evia

If you’re in the mood for a quick bite, there are several kiosks that you can check out at Evia. You can also grab a drink at Commune Hall, located beside Vista Cinemas.

This tavern is known for its high-quality meat dishes. Try ‘Kontosouvli’ and ‘Kokoretsi’ which are both unique Greek meat delicacies prepared on the spit.

1. Cavo d’Oro

The restaurant features a big choice of Greek & Italian appetizers, crepes, risotto, pizza, pasta, grilled meat and fish plates and more.

Besides the signature cupcakes, Vanilla Cupcake Bakery serves a variety of desserts like shaved snow ice creations and milk tea beverages. The Commune Hall is also worth checking out as it brings together various small food businesses under one roof.

2. Kissos Tavern

If you and your date love coffee, you can visit Coffee Project, which has a beautiful garden theme that will make for great IG posts. The restaurant also has a wide variety of affordable meals and pastries.

This tavern offers traditional Greek Cypriot dishes (kleftiko, stifado) as well as a variety of European cuisine. It is a family-run business that opened in 1982.

3. Kyssos Tavern

The tavern offers a full menu of Greek, English and Russian dishes. It also serves wines from all over the world.

It is a family run tavern with traditional cuisine from Karystos. Its large elevated garden-balcony is covered by huge trees. Mrs Olimpia prepares tasty casserole dishes such as rooster or goat in tomato sauce served with kourkoumpines and lemon goat stew.

4. Amarinthos Tavern

Located in the Evia lifestyle center, this food hall offers many concepts that will appeal to everyone. From the burgers of Minute Steak Box to the fresh sushi rolls of Boru, there is something for everybody at Commune Hall.

Mrs Olimpia’s tasty casserole dishes and roasted rooster or goat are some of the most notable dishes at this cozy tavern. The grilled seafood of the family-run Amarinthos Tavern is also worth a try.

5. To Honi

When it comes to IG-worthy coffee shops and whimsical resto cafes, the Evia lifestyle center in Las Pinas has everything you need. This particular branch of Coffee Project might be the most dreamy of them all with its indoor trees, drop lights, and picture-perfect corners.

Try their skewered meat (Kontosouvli and Kokoretsi) as well as other homemade local dishes. Check the latest menu, photos, and contact information.

6. Mitsakos Tavern

The upscale commercial destination Evia Lifestyle Center holds way too many great reasons for us to drive down South including an IG-worthy coffee shop, an underrated Japanese restaurant, and a whimsical resto cafe.

Tiger Leaf is the latest addition to the group and is a feast for the eyes as well as the palate. Try their peri-peri charcoal chicken and other Southeast Asian favorites like Vietnamese pomelo salads, Filipino bistek, and Singaporean stir-fried noodles.

8. Kokoretsi Tavern

The tavern serves kontosouvli and kokoretsi on the spit, as well as casserole dishes and oven-roasted lamb. They also offer a variety of stuffed burgers and a wide selection of desserts.

They serve a wholesome, balanced menu inspired by different Greek regions. We especially recommend the caramelized octopus and the Platamonas shrimps. It is a good idea to book your table in advance as the restaurant gets busy quickly.

9. Tiropitari Tavern

Situated in a picturesque spot near a small village, this family run tavern serves traditional cuisine from Karystos. Their large elevated garden-balcony offers a beautiful view to the mountains. Mrs Olimpia prepares delicious casserole dishes and lemon goat stew along with pies and sourdough bread.

This newer concept restaurant is put together by the same group behind Another Story. They serve Southeast Asian favorites such as Thai pomelo salads, pho, Malaysian stir-fried noodles, Singaporean cereal prawns and Filipino bistek and adobo.

10. Koukouli Tavern

This restaurant specializes in meat on the spit, such as ‘Kontosouvli’ and ’Kokoretsi’. They also serve a variety of homemade local specialties.

This family-run tavern offers traditional cuisine from Karystos. The menu includes casserole dishes such as rooster in tomato sauce served with kourkoumpines, lemon goat stew and Dutch oven lamb. They also serve grilled meat and fish. The place is cosy with a large elevated garden-balcony.