Best Places to Eat in Corfu

Located in the heart of Corfu, behind Liston paved avenue, Rex is a restaurant loved by locals since 1932. Here, you can try local dishes like pastitsada, sofrito and bianco fish.

Across the island, low-key mezedopolia and upscale eateries showcase the best of modern Greek cuisine. Pair your meal with a glass of Metaxa-laced wine.

1. Pane e Souvlaki

Despite the island’s reputation as a party-hardy holiday destination, Corfu has some gastronomic highlights worthy of a special trip. From gourmet restaurants with a view to beach-front tavernas with sublime seafood, these top eateries will satisfy even the most demanding gourmand.

Tucked into a former merchant’s house in the sleepy village of Benitses, this family-owned tavern is a fine dining gem. The menu is full of imaginative dishes like grouper with jalapenos, coconut and lemongrass or a hot risotto with lamb, sheep yoghurt condiment and sunflower seeds.

This restaurant is located in the homonymous hotel and is a must for gastronomy lovers. Its minimal design combines with the use of local fresh ingredients, creating dishes that are both traditional and modern. Don’t miss the feta cheese in pastry parcel and the pork “souvlaki”! The staff is also incredibly friendly and the wine list is impressive.

2. The Venetian Well

A hidden treasure in Corfu’s old town, this is where traditional Corfiot flavors and recipes are taken out of grandma’s drawer. They use fresh ingredients with traditional ways of cookery, all carefully chosen. The food is also extremely filling and reasonably priced.

This is a restaurant that should not be missed for anyone visiting the island of Corfu. It is located in one of the most beautiful and quiet streets of the old town, and is a real gem.

A genuine family-owned place that has been in operation for three decades, Vitamins is a restaurant that showcases the best of local cuisine. The dining room has a swoon-worthy hillside terrace with incredible views, and the menu is filled with classic Greek dishes. Be sure to try the bourdeto (spinach and red pepper fish casserole) and the scorpion fish, as well as the succulent chargrilled calamari. The chocolate soup, halva and panna cotta are also excellent.

3. Corfu Sailing Restaurant

Corfu Sailing Restaurant is the ideal spot for those who want to experience Greek cuisine in a stunning place. It is located in the old fortress and, thanks to its beautiful location and a balanced menu, it has become a preferred choice of many locals and visitors. The restaurant offers Mediterranean and Greek dishes, and the staff is very friendly.

The freshest entry to the Corfu Town dining scene, this cosy restaurant is equal parts irresistible brunch hangout and dinner date-worthy destination. Minimalist timber tables and seating, topped with Oriental rugs, grace cobblestoned floors. Linger over a Metaxa-laced Aegean Highball and sample Toula’s linguine with spicy prawns and crayfish moussaka.

This historic spot, located behind the Liston paved avenue, has been loved by Corfiots since 1932. It’s the perfect place to try Corfiot dishes like sofrito and pastitsada, as well as more modern dishes. The chicken with kumquat sauce and the beef with celery mash are must-try dishes.

4. Maistro

The Island’s top-quality produce and rich heritage inspire chefs to create unique menus at gourmet restaurants. The best restaurants in Corfu showcase the classic Greek flavors with exotic ingredients brought by the Venetians, offering a truly gourmet experience.

This small restaurant tucked away in a back alley in central Corfu has its own personality and serves traditional dishes such as bourdeto, sofrito and pastitsada that are popular throughout Greece.

This tiny dining spot in Benitses maintains the ethos it established when it opened three decades ago, showcasing the best of Corfu’s homegrown produce. The menu is a treat for foodies, but vegetarians and vegans are well catered to here too. The swoon-worthy hillside terrace is the perfect backdrop for meals of fresh seafood and grilled meat.