A Love Affair With Greek Ferry Adventures

Island Fever is a feeling of anxiety and annoyance that can occur when you live close to the ocean. It is triggered by the lack of activities, family members, friends, intellectual stimulation, and cultural and social diversity.

One way to combat Island Fever is to get involved in your community and make new friends. This can also help combat feelings of isolation.

Book Description

Island Fever is a feeling of discontent and disconnection from the mainland that many people experience who are visiting or living on islands for a period of time. It is similar to the claustrophobic sensation of being stuck in a small room. Unlike those who live on an island permanently and are used to outdoor leisure activities, people who suffer from island fever often feel bored or frustrated about the lack of choices and options they have. They also might complain about a slower pace of life that is not compatible with those who grew up in crowded world capitals or have long commutes to work every day.

Those suffering from island fever can find ways to mitigate the symptoms by incorporating variety into their lives, connecting with island residents, and taking occasional breaks from the island. Getting outside and into nature, trying new hobbies, and learning to appreciate island culture are other strategies for combating island fever. Ultimately, if the island lifestyle becomes unbearable it is recommended to seek professional help.


A Greek island is a beautiful place to live, but life on a rock has its challenges. It’s easy to get bogged down in the minutiae of everyday living, to lose sight of what brings you joy, and to feel a sense of disconnection from the world around you. Fortunately, there’s an antidote to island fever: travel! It may seem counterintuitive, but visiting new destinations and experiencing different cultures will provide a much-needed change of scenery. Whether it’s a weekend getaway to a neighboring island or a more lengthy trip to the mainland, getting away will help you overcome the symptoms of island fever and reclaim your enthusiasm for life on a rock.

During her time in Greece, Sura discovered the best way to beat island fever was by hopping between islands with a private boat charter. Rather than fighting through crowds of tourists, she found herself enjoying the island’s natural beauty with less traffic and more solitude. She even learned how to paddleboard, adopted two dogs, swam with sharks, figured out how to open a coconut, and fell in love with a manatee (yes, this is a true story). Sura’s adventures are packed with choppy ocean adventure and turquoise cove magic that will leave you longing for your own rocky paradise.

Author Bio

Island Fever is the third book in the Aloha, Sheridans series but can be read as a stand-alone novel. It chronicles a lifetime of adventure from the casual South Florida lifestyle of the 1930s to Bahamian island retirement almost eighty years later. Along the way, Charlie Pfluger has worked as a radio announcer, station manager, hotel manager, a flight attendant, an airline pilot, and a cruise ship captain, and has had many adventures, both professional and personal.

People who visit islands, either on a vacation or permanently, often experience Island Fever at some point. It is a feeling of unease that may manifest as anxiety, boredom, and frustration at not having access to things they are used to such as close friends, family, intellectual stimulation, and cultural and social diversity.

It is important to recognize island fever and not take it personally. It can be a difficult adjustment for people who grew up in crowded cities and thrive on variety and novelty. If symptoms persist, it is a good idea to seek a mental health professional for a more thorough examination of the underlying issues.

The best way to combat island fever is to get out of the country and travel to other parts of the world. This will expose you to a different culture and give you a fresh perspective. It is also helpful to make frequent use of inter-island ferries and air flights so you can go from one island to another in a short amount of time.


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Stage 4: Same Sh*t, Different Island

If you’re sick of eating at the same restaurants and getting tired of driving on the same roads it’s time to get off the rock for a while and travel. If money isn’t a problem you can hop a flight to the mainland and enjoy a change of scenery and some fresh air.

Alternatively you can take an inter-island trip that takes you to a different island and gives you a taste of a new culture. Most of these trips are very affordable and a great way to get some perspective.

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