Exploring the Argo-Saronic Islands

Explore the azure waters of the Saronic Gulf and discover a tranquil escape just a stone‚Äôs throw from Athens. The largest island of Aegina showcases ancient marvels such as the Temple of Aphaia alongside quaint beaches, fragrant pine forests, and 17th-century churches. Whether you want a relaxing beach holiday or an exciting archaeological adventure, Aegina … Read more

Exploring the Castle of Astypalaia

Whether you’re scaling its mountains, diving into its crystal-clear waters or strolling hand-in-hand through flower-strewn whitewashed streets, Astypalaia invites you to tap into its special energy. The crowning glory of the main town, Chora, is the castle built by the Querini family in the 14th and 15th centuries. Among the sights to see are two … Read more